Saturday, August 17, 2013


Dear Baby,

Soon you'll begin to forget
what is real
to you now -
of liquid bubble,
muffled gurgling sounds,
movement, warmth,
a void of thoughtless nothing
to approve or denounce.

Soon life will be revealed.
It's a surprise, always
Like a strange game
seemingly with lots of rules,
but with really just a few.
They could take a lifetime to learn,
but life itself will teach you
if you allow it.  
I hope you do.

Soon you'll know 
the mystery 
of what I'm trying to express.
You'll understand 
there's no secret
to what I wish for you,
or promises I could make
to ease the living you'll do,
except that I'll love you always.

Oh, love,
You'll learn about that soon too,
unless you already know
the way we all know,
even without thoughts made of words.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets)

(Granddaughter's due in November. !!!)


  1. A surprise always changing.

    Yes, how we feel about that (right now :)
    is what flavors the whole thing!

    ALOHA from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

  2. but life itself will teach you
    if you allow it.... such tender and wise words for your unborn granddaughter myrna... it will be wonderful when you can read this poem to her one day... i bet she will love it...

  3. I like to believe on that connection between grandparents & grandchildren, not needing words, but filled with love and hope ~

    Happy weekend Myrna ~

  4. So lovely - that is going to be one lucky grandbaby! As is your precious grandson.

  5. even without thoughts made of words....smiles...i hope that you keep this and maybe tuck it away in a memory box for her so that one day she can read your wish for her even from before she was born...smiles...

  6. Some sweet and beautiful thoughts. Love the closing idea that perhaps the little already knows.

  7. such love in this...makes me feel warm inside. hope the little one will be well! all the best...

  8. This is just beautiful. Save this for her. She will love reading this someday.

  9. So special. Congratulations, Myrna!

  10. Lucky grandkids! Being thought of with lots of love even before being around is a privilege, a rare one! Brilliant thoughts Myrna!


  11. OMG, I just reread your title and realize you are having a granddaughter. How COMPLETELY lovely. I know you are besotted with your grandson and now here comes a little girl to dress in pink. Lucky you, one of each! I cant wait for the photos!!!!

  12. ...sweet... sweet.. granny... i can feel you even more excited than her mother... lucky baby to have already been a poem written for her even before her birth... CONGRATS!!! in advance... cheers... :)

  13. This change going from unborn to born is so changing to everyone involved. Beautiful sentiments here.

  14. what a beautiful gift to your grandchild

  15. beautiful, beautiful words Myrna! and what a blessed grandchild. already surrounded in a bubble of love.

  16. Treasured writings. Thanks for dropping in to say hi :).