Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Tiny Bird refused to let her size or shape define her.
Nor the fact that her little flapping wings buzzed
or that her beak, so small, could hardly peck a worm
no matter how early she found one.

She had to eat seeds.
Most often she was hungry.
She grew tinier,
flying became harder.

One day Tiny Bird got really mad.
Unlike your typical angry bird,
she just stopped flying.
Chose to walk
instead of struggling through air,
doing what's expected of birds.

What a surprise!
Finding seeds on the ground
was easier
on the ground.
She was able to eat more.
She grew a little bigger,
flew a little higher,
even walked a little faster.

By most standards
Tiny Bird still deserves her name.
But once in a while,
though few take notice,
she catches a tiny worm.

The other day the cat appeared,
chased her all around.
She wasn't too afraid.
She ran at first,
then flew away
making a tiny sound.

(Submitted to Poetry Jam.)

I've been spending time with my grandson.  Don't know really if that's a good enough excuse for the above.


  1. ha....i know a few kids that would love your story....ha...yes, i bet the grandson loved it as well...and in her weakness she found her strength...smiles.

  2. Aww... sounds perfect, and I bet your grandson loves it!

  3. Grandchildren of the world would love this little poem/story.

  4. Excellent and sweet for kids of all ages


  5. This is really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. What a cute poem, Myrna! Lots of good things come from spending time with one's grandkids. Glad the tiny bird got away from the cat....smiles.

  7. That's great. It's always great to lo.ok at the world the way young ones see it

  8. ah myrna - this is just a wonderful encouraging story about when we feel really small and how we may manage to make the best of it... i know that feeling well and i bet many can relate to it in the one or other way

  9. Lovely to hear of your different roles, Myrna. Your grandson is a blessed boy for all these treats.

    Joy always,

  10. This is sweet...the 'little bird' is endearing!

  11. That's what great about birds they can just fly away. Lovely.

  12. ...for some everything just started really small & ugly...& that just makes sense how improvement will take over... your last verse is a bit intriguing for me...loved this Myrna... & what cute li'l bird you posted here... smiles...

  13. Nice story with a happy ending here. Kept me reading because I wanted to know what happened next! Lots of story in a few lines here.

  14. I think Tiny Bird made a pretty good adjustment to her lot in life. Smiles. Bet your grandson loves this story! He will want to know what she does next!

  15. Tiny Bird is adorable and can completely relate to how reading lots of children's books will influence your mind--enjoy :-)

  16. This sounds perfect for the child's story ~ How fun to read this Myrna ~ Have a lovely weekend ~