Saturday, June 29, 2013

A doodle bee


She wished upon a Walmart star.
But not for toys that fooled her mind.

Her Mom yanked her arm,
dragging her to boring places
where adults spend their time
making little girls hush,
act as if they're blind.

There, she glimpsed at herself
in a mirror nearby,
saw her crooked tiara
that no longer shined,
dark holes, no sequents
in her fake satin dress stained
with grown up wine.

She'd pretended to like
the thrift store special
bought for just a dime.
Her mother's attempt
at make believe
so misaligned
with the little girl's sense
of what's sublime.
Knowing she's not the fairest,
snow isn't always white,
there are no fairy godmothers
making life bright.

Still, she hoped
her wish would come true.

She - a little mermaid
swallowed by a whale,
would go where all is blue
devoid of all she ever knew.
Then from that blank nowhere
she could
be born

(Submitted to Dverse Poets where Mary prompts us to include some Disney characters in our poems.)


  1. Oh, this is very sad, Myrna. I wish she would have had a happier childhood instead of being dragged around to where adults spend their time. Despite no real fairy godmothers, I do hope she will find her own way to make her dreams come true in her own special way!

  2. smiles....a bit bitter sweat this one....though i hope for her that her wish comes true...reality is oft much harsher than fair tales...and if you are creative you can make the thrift shop shine a glimmer a bit...been there...its a hard reality to make work though...sad when children are made to hush though, you know...

  3. This is so wistful,Myrna, How many little princesses like that are there? Makes me a little teary. I love that you brought this to the foreground.

  4. Isn't it sad that young girls are being shoved and fitted to be what everyone's fairy princess should be ~ I am glad that she can find herself anew ~

    I thought it neat that you experienced AMMA's hug ~ Have a good weekend Myrna ~

  5. I'm so glad you are my sister princess


  6. I feel for that little girl, whose mom seems disconnected. The dress stained with grownup wine hits the heart. Poignant poem, Myrna.

  7. our dreams and fantasy keep us going sometimes, esp. when reality looks bleak like this.. i think that's the precious thing about fairy tales as well.. no matter how bleak it looks on the way, the good always win and there always is a happy ending.. sounds maybe a bit weird, but that kept me going many times when i was a kid.. i like her dream with the whale..smiles

  8. What a bleak and sad story.. Many times the simple wish of being a child is enough .. The wine stained dress stand out.. Sad

  9. Innocent thoughts of an innocent heart

  10. Sad...
    Oh only if only
    Greatly done

  11. Sadly there are innocent little girls who crave for a little but deprived of them. Good looks are the privilege of the lucky few! But in reality looks may take a backseat in the face of sincerity and good conduct! Nicely Myrna!


  12. Oh Myrna, this is gave me the shivers. beautifully written...
    "Knowing she's not the fairest,
    snow isn't always white,
    there are no fairy godmothers
    making life bright."
    great lines... so sad - love the sliver of hope at the end.

  13. beauty is more than the clothes we wear, it is found in the heart that radiates love... too many little girls don't understand this, and when life is hard and you feel misunderstood and perhaps neglected (perhaps ARE neglected) this is difficult to believe.

  14. The other side of the fluff of being a princess; I'm sure many women relate to this in theirs or a relatives eyes.
    You conveyed this well.