Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Church in Taos, New Mexico

Some thought he forgot her.  Not so.
She just shrank into tiny place in his heart,
while his mind got full of all he couldn't remember.
Then he only displayed fear, disguised, unrecognized
by him or the others he annoyed,
who didn't see his behavior
was the only way he cried.

Took a few years for him to follow
the love that kept him anchored.
Confined, she had no power to suppress his pulse,
his grandiose fantasies, which flashed like neon,
electrifying any who came near, burning
'til he had no one to impress.

He repelled those who helped,
who tried to love but failed
to see he was alone,
the way we all are
when we're unliving and undead.

So, when that tiny place in his heart
released her to him once again
through his final breath,
he welcomed the joy of death.

My aunt died about four years ago.  Her husband passed away yesterday. He was a difficult man, especially after he suffered from dementia.  But he had a kind heart and she saw that. Her affection was the closest to unconditional love he ever experienced.  And now he's happy to mesh with it in an unknown place.  At least that's how I want to end this love story.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. Sorry to hear of your uncle's death, Myrna. May he rest in peace.

  2. It was, as they say, a timely death, maybe even a little past timely.

  3. to see he was alone,
    the way we all are
    when we're unliving and undead...ugh..that's tough.. and i so wish for a happy ending in that love story as well.. sometimes we need our whole life to discover the really important things

  4. This is sad to read of this death, but it seemed her light is his journey in the life ever-after ~ May he finally find peace ~

    I enjoyed this retelling, Myrna ~ Condolences to the family ~

  5. when we're unliving and undead....oy...i have met that place before...and its so hard when the one you love is gone and what is left...i see it a bit in my father in law....i like to think they are together again....

  6. Sorry for your loss. I would like to believe that they are now together for eternity.

  7. I am glad they are together once again. I think the way you are looking at the situation is the best way and the way I would look at it too. Sometimes death is a blessing.

  8. A part must surely go when on no longer does show, hopefully they are together once more at some far off shore.

  9. Love over time is complex. This is a beautiful poem.

  10. ...tough times... rough life... beautiful departure.... and at the very end, despite the sufferings, there's still joy and that's enough to let him grow into his own peace now... condolence Myrna...

  11. Sorry for your loss..love your beautiful words!

  12. Every process has to run its course...

  13. Dear Myrna, this si indeed a a beautiful love story. Of the unconditional kind, the only true love.
    I am sorry for your uncles passing, lets hope is reunited with the one who loves him.
    You are such a sensitive soul.

  14. Yes, lovely to think he is at peace and they are together again. Beautifully written, Myrna...."when we're unliving and undead".

  15. just wanted to say hello and wishing you a lovely sunday...hope the move and everything's going well..

  16. Myrna, your poetry is lovely! After reading your kind comment about my poem on Becky Povich's blog, I came over to see what you are all about. So glad I did. Your welcoming statement was all I needed to see to know that we are friends. I am another (well we all are, but I'm aware) that I am an eternal spirit having a temporary moment in this body. Pretty much all I do is based on this. I'm going to push that 'follow' button and come back to read more.

  17. How poignant! I just attended a seminar on Alzheimer and Dementia yesterday and I can understand. Sorry for you loss, Myra.


  18. Your poem stands tall on its own. The backstory is deep' human' and insightful, Myrna dear. Thanks for the energy you put in the world, and bring to share with me.


  19. you too have the gift of seeing the good, just like your Aunt Myrna. I'm sorry for your loss.