Wednesday, February 13, 2013


The blank page is intimidating.
Makes me think of my life and how I want to fill it.
With thoughts?
Electric substance firing energy into the ethers,
creating this earth, in my mind.
What do I create?
Sometimes smooth, flowing scenes of animals roaming freely in jungles,
of whales and dolphins communicating deeply about beauty,
leaving trails of rainbows as they leap,
of dogs each having a loving human to rely on unconditionally,
the way they know how to love.
It's delightful filling the blank this way.
But is it real?

Should I stop the fantasy?  Instead observe what happens
as children die, as animals are killed for fun - an exclamation of superiority,
as insanity prevails in warped Darwinian interpretation.
Atrocities, so many, keep repeating.

It's daunting, the blank.  Nothing.
Its emptiness full of possibility.
A paradox of sorts inviting polarities of
good, bad,
beauty, ugliness,
kindness, its absence
to fill it.

And I do each day, much depending
on how I angle it, where I stand,
what colors I chose.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. Don't ever stop dreaming, Myrna. And don't stop sharing your dreams either. If people who want to see a better way of living say and do nothing about it, nothing will ever change.

  2. Its emptiness full of possibility...nice...and so many possible ways to go...sometimes overwhelming but also love the open space when just everything's possible and we can just let our mind run in any direction it chooses at that very moment...

  3. The blank page has its pros and cons - intimidating, yes. But also clean and inviting. This was thought provoking.

  4. smiles....the choice ends up being all ours to make as well look at that it life or art...our choices determine what will be there once the white is much power in that isnt there...smiles....

  5. Yes, every day we have a blank page. We can make the decision again and again just what to do with our page!

  6. i'm not sure it's that important what we write, but that we write, that we are willing to write what burbles up when we offer it white space - that's important

    and i love this poem - everything about it.

  7. The blank is daunting but its also full of possibilities ~

    Don't think you are the only one, but every writer & poet struggles with the blank page every day ~

    Happy weekend ~

  8. What the empty page does to us. What we see and create and feel. All kinds of possibilities.