Thursday, February 14, 2013


Somewhere in California.

Amusing game.
Giving novel, symbolic gifts
demonstrating romance,
hopefully bringing sexy luck
on chocolate covered red day
of commercialized affection.

But love resides in the daily (extra)ordinary -
self-desires suspended or forgotten,
depth of sentiment so vast,
that sacrifice is unrecognised
in giving to the beloved.

Not really amusing,
an act so real.

No game.

(Submitted to Poetry Jam and G-Man's Friday 55)

Didn't mean to be so unromantic.  I dislike the commercialism of Valentine's Day, but I don't refuse the candy and flowers.  Hope you have true love in your life, not necessarily romantic love, just true love.  


  1. So true, Myrna, that life resides in the daily, and that is where LOVE is best expressed. Valentine's Day is commercialized, but then again it is kind of fun!! (As long as one doesn't SACRIFICE a lot to give a Valentine gift - smiles.)Glad to see you at Poetry Jam.

  2. i whole-heartedly agree...better show love and affection in the everyday than on a special commercialiced occasion...i'm on a valentines boykott..ha..smiles

  3. I couldn't agree with you more, Myrna. Valentine's Day is commercialized fluff, in my opinion.

  4. love resides in the daily...i so agree with you...not a huge fan of valentines day...when love is expected....anyone can do that...its every other day i look forward to all the more...smiles.

  5. So true. Valentine's day is all well and fine but love is something completely different.

  6. I love shallow romance, champagne and chocolates and I would like to introduce Valentine's Day on a weekend on a monthly basis:)

  7. not unromantic, but full of the reality of love and the commitment it is... xoxo

  8. I agree real love is in the ordinary. Lovely musing here.

  9. You are very real and authentic

    Wishing YOU
    a happy Valentine's Day from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° > <3

  10. You have said it as wonderfully as it can be said: "sacrifice is unrecognised in giving to the beloved." That's the way you give, my friend. Your dear ones are blessed.

  11. Myrna Dear...
    It's always a thrill to see that you have joined in on Friday. I hate Hallmark Holidays with a passion.
    This story was GREAT
    Loved your VD 55...hehehehehe
    Thanks for playing, you are such a classy Lady!
    Have a Kick Ass Week End

  12. Love chocolate covered red day. Yes, V.Day has been turned into commercialized affection, so well put. A card out of the blue for no reason at all means so much more.

  13. Love flowers and GOOD chocolate- dark especially- thanks!

  14. is daily... true that Myrna... it's not just for whole one day... it's 24/7, 365/6 a year and/or unlimited but sad to think love these days are more materialistic & commercialized... sacrifices are worth doing/giving/taking when it's all done out of love & sincerity & honesty... great write on the prompt... i really enjoyed it... smiles...

  15. You are correct that it is the love of the (extra) ordinary that is so important. I have to confess though I do love VD!

  16. I too hate the commercialism of holidays. I found myself nodding in agreement to your poem. Real life, a well-lived and purposeful life, has so much more to offer. A good write!

  17. I suppose that, for me, the word "daily" could have read non-romantic as what I feel now for my wife is a great deal of sweetness but it's very different from what I felt for her 40 years ago.

  18. Beautifully done. Your poem brings to mind the origins of this beautiful holiday.

  19. I think Valentines is a lot for kids and young adults. I think Valentines is a perfect day for giving and celebrating love of humankind.

  20. My sentiments exactly dear Myrna, love is not to be celebrated one day a year, but every day. In the simple and mundane.;) In every day life and the hardship of it.;)
    Hope you have been well, sorry for my infrequent visits, but hopefully my normal blogging routine will resume soon.;)
    Have a lovely week ahead,

  21. That is beautiful, and so true. It is how we love each other daily that matters the most, not just showing it on Valentine's Day.

    Thanks so much for your nice comment on Becky's blog yesterday.

    Kathy M.

  22. Dear Myrna, just stopping by to tell you that I feel for you, seeing you have to leave the house you love, but I am sure you will find some great magic in a new place.;) I did.;) What matters is who will be moving with you.;)
    Hope you are well,