Tuesday, January 8, 2013


We get beautiful skies here in New Mexico

"I hate kids  I have no patience, " she says, proudly.
 and germs - I don't hug,
 and white, black, those people - ugh,
 and old folks - yuck,
 and I abhor this, that
 and all so much!

She's so young, still forming like a cloud
rippling, making darkness, pretending she's a storm,
ignorant, in fear of exposing the sun.
But it still peaks through, in her tender strokes
when she pets the dogs, who melt in recognition
of a delicate soul flying,
navigating recklessly through space.

And time?  She has some,
perhaps enough
to make discoveries,
to land on grounds not yet fertilized,
to dig paths going up,
to make fire burn,
to forgive,
to forget... nothing,
to learn what she needs,
to love
to die, then rise, repeat,
to let it all go
to live.

As she leaves, the scent of her pain trails behind her,
but the sun shines.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets open mike.)


  1. its funny to listen to kids and they say things...and present themselves one way...and next week it will be different....she has all the time in the world...and i think later you need to pull this out and show her...to remind her where she once was....smiles.

  2. Myrna, I think your point is that people who are filled with hate are perhaps this way because they are unhappy people inside. Perhaps as the years pass they will lose that hatred and be filled with understanding!

  3. I agree, Mary. When they can come to love themselves, they will find no more reason to hate. Myrna, this is lovely. I've not blogged in so long but came by to visit and I'm so glad to see you're still writing, especially poetry! It gives me much needed courage to see how you've become so comfortable in this art form you once thought difficult. Many Blessings, going to read some more. :) Melissa

  4. hmmm...don't know how old this young person might be but I'd like to say to her that our perceptions change over time, as Brian says, and maybe he/she will open up more about where those feeling stem from...

  5. I have a granddaughter that age who thinks she knows a great deal that she will spend some years still learning, as we all did......smiles.......I especially love how you caught glimpses of the real girl: petting the dogs "who melt in recognition of a delicate soul, flying". So beautiful and loving, Myrna. She will learn a lot of softness from you. I love the acknowledgment of her pain at the end, and the hopefulness of the sun shining - knowing all will be well, in its own time. Very lovely writing, a very beautiful heart - and those skies of yours are AMAZING.Wow.

  6. She will learn the ways, just like you and I ~

    I like the image of her like a cloud, pretending to be a storm ~

    And amazing picture Myrna ~

  7. I adore the last line especially...

    As she leaves, the scent of her pain trails behind her,
    but the sun shines.

  8. Such life wisdom distilled here!
    and the PICTURE stroked my mind-

    from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >
    > < } } ( ° >
    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  9. i just love that you see beyond her words myrna...and i think you can help her with your kind and sensitive spirit to free what's really slumbering in her...

  10. in fear of exposing the sun.
    But it still peaks through
    in her tender strokes

    Kids learn fast but still needs time to adjust. To maximize their potential is to extend tender help when needed! Then they will learn faster! Nicely Myrna!


  11. Very nice. What the young don't know. K.

  12. Such a great little character sketch, here. Don't know if you write fiction, but this has all the ingredients of a great short story. One of those that the character will drive the plot!

  13. My grandfather used to say that he wishes he was back in a young body but has his own old mind. Youth is indeed wasted on the young, they think they know everything and in fact they do not know a thing.;)
    That sky is stunning, wow...
    Happy New Year dear Myrna.;)

  14. the scent of someone's pain left behind is quite intriguing

  15. Sounds a bit like my mother, afraid of germs, reluctant to hug, but a lover of dogs and cats.