Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Photo taken by my hubby, Joe.

Clearly fearless, he looked tough.
Bandana, black on black denim, leather,
black art that swirled over swollen muscles
like menacing neon proclaiming
an easily provoked strength... anger.
And I wondered if his heart too was pierced.
The place so small,. He sat so close.
Not that I eavesdropped,
I overheard his conversation on the phone:
"I'm having dinner,
then off to polish a floor.
How's mom? I miss her each day more."
Incongruous with expectation,
(though really, I reject stereotypes)
we talked
about his handyman work and abode,
the happiness of life in beauty,
his preference for food that burns (of course).

The loud rumble of huge motorcycle
never came.
He left on his scooter.
I waved.
My focus changed.
Her body slumped, legs shuffled,
perhaps my age, but she looked OLDer.
Fatigue circled her eyes
almost concealing a softness
kneaded by life, pounding.
Sincerity and gratitude adorned
the smile she shined
on those she served
like me.
But our connection went beyond
roles or words.
It encompassed worlds
different yet the same
in sorrow, suffering, struggling,
in joy, laughter and love.
We talked
about her island and mine,
commonalities of customs
and how delicious her food.

My bill paid, I remain in debt
to her gesture of solidarity.
"I hope you enjoy these bananas
from my sister's garden." she said
giving me blessed fruit,
manna for my soul.

Satiated with perfection,
I left.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.

(That night we decided not to do anything touristy.  We went instead to a simple restaurant.  I've learned that traveling is not just about sight-seeing.  It's about the people who expand our sight.)


  1. smiles...what a cool piece...the guy surprising you with the heart inside the hard exterior and the gift of the woman...i bet you left there feeling pretty good about life...

  2. How lovely... I agree that the people are a huge part of the whole travelling experience.

  3. Oh yes, to all of this. Amazing when others we meet open our eyes as well as our hearts and minds, isn't it. So glad you met these folks.

  4. I have made friends in my travels who have remained friends for years. And it's wonderful when I've had the chance to go back and revisit the people I enjoyed in various places.

  5. This is great... Some people are a gift when they enter our life... even if it's just an encounter at a restaurant with strangers. Love this.

  6. This is so lovely.......it is these connections you will likely remember long after the various places you saw.......I love that you saw her tiredness and, also, her shining smile. Lovely she gifted you with fruit!!

  7. Ah, I find myself wondering where you were in Hawaii. I have spent a lot of time there, various islands. I love HI and do hope to return.

  8. I agree it's more about the people we encounter. I love how his hard appearance contrasted with his conversation. I've known some scary looking tough guys who are the sweetest teddy bears ever, so we can't always tell from the outside either. I've always wanted to visit Hawaii... someday... lovely piece Myrna.

  9. I love that you tasted the Hawaii and people I love!
    did you recognize the working class atmosphere from my little novel 'Aloha Where You Like Go?

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~
    ~ ~ ~ <°)333><( ~ ~ ~

  10. smiles...you know i love other cultures...and i love watching people...love how you connected...the overheard conversation...the talk with the woman...the gift...sharing a bit of her life..so precious...only the people give us a real feel about a country or a city i think...a lovely capture myrna

  11. You are a real traveller, Myrna. How I enjoyed reading this one. The travel wisdom that you have given in this post is priceless. Thanks Myrna.

    Joy always,

  12. Nice story telling Myrna ~ Its the people that makes our travels rich and unforgettable ~ Thanks for taking us along your journey ~

  13. This is a powerful story. Your get straight to the heart.

  14. It's a respite from the normal visits, truly necessary, Myrna! Guys can put up a fierce front but may be nice inside. The lady is a kind soul that we often meet but hard to get. You're thoroughly enjoying your time going by these anecdotes. Good for you Ma'am!


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  16. Beautiful words dear Myrna, I have always believed that to fully understand the places we travel to, we must visit that which is commonly and every day life. The best meals and experiences on my many travels have been with the help of simple places and simple people.;)
    Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving Sunday,

  17. As I read your pretry dearest I am there with you...right in it...thank you for taking me....
    Your last two sentences are profound wisdom...

  18. smiles...so you had fun visiting your littles?

  19. Lovely Myrna. We get to know so much about a place by getting to know the people


  20. I wonder if the restaurant was one at Kona -- Big Island Grill -- local and delicious, good for people watching! And, I agree, travel IS about people, not only destinations.

  21. hey there myrna....hope you are having a great day!

  22. ..I missed a few of these yesterday..I'm glad you are having a nice time and appreciate your characterizations..people are so different yet so alike everywhere ;)