Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Impossible to share, express or magically convey
experience of a place where beauty's intoxication
paralyzes time while extracting essence from my senses -

Intermittently narcotic and stimulant,
addictive yet medicinal, safe in any quantity
yet feels like an overdose of... something.

A shock of beauty, so lush almost sinful,
as if nature can overdo abundance.

An eruption seeping destruction
paving the way for rebirth
from the depths of its burning soul.

A lesson contained in earth's contrasts
Green, yellow, orange, purple - a rainbow.
Then, decimating fire transforms landscapes
so black we can only see hope in their darkness.

Aloha, imprinted in the ocean and its breeze.
Caressing, cleansing winds warmly soothing.

People, spreading contagious friendliness
unveiling the unity among us all.

Inadequate, you see.
Impossible to relay
what seems like love
for the place I left
to return
to the place I call home.

(Submitted to DVerse Poets.)

Jet lag.  It's real.  Sleepily I sit here wanting, wishing I could really tell you how wonderful it was to visit Hawaii.  I had so much fun, saw so much beauty, felt so happy.  Still, it is nice returning home to my mountains, my dogs, mother-in-law, visible friends, and cyber friends, you.  I know I'll be Hawaii's best ambassador. And I hope the beauty and happiness I saw and felt will remain in my heart regardless of where I am.  So nice to be back.


  1. smiles...oh i can relate to the jet-lag...suffering from a 9 hours time shift myself at the moment...and i think you captured the beauty definitely in your words myrna...and i really can feel your thankful heart, how it soaks in the beauty and magic....welcome home...good to have you back..

  2. oh sweet friend... I'm so glad you had this opportunity to travel... and now to return home again. When you are awake enough... PLEASE send me something for the gratitude quilt... nothing complicated... directions are at the top of my blog.

  3. LOL, now you know why I'm in such a Polynesian Paralysis!
    Glad you enjoyed, dear, Come back ANYTIME! Even if it's 'just' by visiting my blog :-)

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~
    ~ ~ ~ <°)333><( ~ ~ ~

  4. ...and you forgot expensive somewhere in there. lol


  5. <<< this is my jealous face....smiles...i would love to go....my parents went two years ago so i have seen many a pic and just tasted the beauty you paint for us...i wanna go...smiles....hope you recover quickly ...smiles

  6. It sounds as if you saw a little bit of Heaven here on earth. I love all of the imagery, so beautiful it seems almost sinful to be so beautiful.
    So pleased you had such a great time but, glad to see you happy to be home. Hope the jet lag goes away asap.

  7. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful, well deserved vacation....in paradise! Glad you're back, though, too. I missed ya!

  8. I'm too ashamed to show my jealous face...but I am coveting your adventures...this is a beautiful piece!

  9. Ah, Myrna, I am familiar with Hawaii..and love it as you do. There is a great difference betweeen the different islands. Each definitely has its own charm. Welcome home. Aloha.

  10. Lovely piece... Sounds amazing and I hope your jet leg feels better soon :)

  11. It's not difficult to fall in love with those islands. I will make it back one day.

  12. It's lovely you got to spend time in such a beautiful spot. It sounds as close to Paradise as one gets on earth. I like, too, the comfort of homecoming. No place like home, kiddo! Hope memories of Hawaii warm your entire winter!

  13. And you have been a good ambassador by stringing this verse! We missed you, Myrna but glad to hear that you enjoyed your holiday and brought back fond memories of beauty and fun.

    Soon we are going to relocate to a place that is also filled with beaches, beauty and laughter. Wish us well.

    Joy always,

  14. It's so nice to travel but more so it's Hawaii. A place close to nature's ideal setting. Jet lag is a temporary thing but have that well deserved rest after the hectic time! Nicely Myrna!


  15. loved our post...wheres the next destination?

  16. So glad you had the opportunity to visit beautiful Hawai'i and bring back remembrances to share with us.

  17. A nice piece of writing ... lovely

  18. Welcome back dear Myrna, so glad to hear that you enjoyed your trip.;) We have a couple of good friends who visited Hawaii last year and fell so in love with the islands, that now they are planning to retire there.;))
    Have a great Sunday and hope you are soon recovered from jet-lag.;)

  19. Welcome back Myrna ~ I am jealous of your trip ~ Smiles ~

    Nothing like your home and family to rejuvenate and bring you joy ~

    Wishing you a happy weekend ~

  20. Dear Myrna, you are a "no-reply" blogger, thus I could not reply to your lovely comment on my recent post.;) You are a very wise woman and I really loved what you said - indeed, I will let my disenchantment *simmer* a little bit, I have been given the same advice from my family and friends.;) But for sure will one day, and that should be soon, do something about that 3h a day commute.;)
    Hope you are well dear friend, thank you again for your very kind and substantial words.;)