Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Sunset view 

So much is lacking, for many
eat what they can find to merely fill their belly.
Contaminated water with a little sugar makes the baby stop crying.

Empty hearts seeking refuge in empty carbs,  gorge,
stuff down immensity of unfelt pain in glutenous rage,
others imagining obesity in their fleshless bones, throw up
despair feeding their false reflection.

"I don't eat fats, oil, flour, sugar, meat, salt, spices, caffeine, alcohol, foods
that inflame, that give me gas or cause me weight gain. Exercise
healthy deprivation is the motto I follow to fit...I mean, stay fit." Seriously,
she said, a wistful look in her eye, like she was remembering
old times.

Judge I musn't, 'cause we're all just trying not to tilt the scale.
Hard to find sanity within paradox - scarcity feeds abundance
and vice versa while the balance remains unfair.
That's life they say.

For now, I go outside, find a scene to interpret as beauty,
and I feast.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets for Open Link Night.)


  1. Myrna,

    The imbalance between those with too much and those with nothing, has simply got worse. In spite of having to tighten belts with spending money, here in the developed countries; it is shameful to find human beings begging for food in every major city in the world...In the impoverished countries, life is mostly the same; still trying to make something out of very little....
    But, the scenery around the world is there for all to feast upon, if we choose to see it:)

  2. it is interesting...how some starve themselves to fit a figure, while others starve because they have no figures....its only going to get worse as well...it is amazing as far along as we are we can not feed everyone....

  3. Oh Myrna this poem speaks to me so strongly. I LOVE it! Yes, those with excess are starving themselves to look thin, those with nothing to eat are hollow, and none of the excess makes it their way. No fairness or balance anywhere......I LOVE that you went out and looked at the sky for your feast. And what a sky! Phenomenal.

  4. You really get to the core of this and find a true feast in the end. A marvelous poem and beautiful picture. Much food for thought.

  5. Very deep on so many different levels and metaphors of hunger too. I really liked the end of what feeds you.

  6. My son is a vegetarian - so I believe in health and balance eating which sadly is lacking among young and old people. I think one of culprits is commercialism and fast food - too much sugar and salt for little nutritional value ~

  7. This is beautiful. So many different kinds of hungers and ways of feeding oneself, for better or for worse. I love the ending and feasting on the beauty in the out of doors.

  8. so much hunger...love that title...and so many are hungry and not for food...i wish there was a better balance between those that don't have enough to eat and us who have far more than we need

  9. we share the feast!

    Thanks for YOUr sweet visit
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  10. the ending is stunning! beautifully written!

  11. Beautiful photographs, wonderful romantic view. I am greeting

  12. tightly written & hard-hitting. thanks for sharing this!

  13. Food of the spirit... found in nature... the best nutrition!

  14. "Hard to find sanity within paradox" is one of the greatest lines i have ever read! Kind of sums up life on this planet in a NUTshell.

  15. Very real, indeed!


  16. The feast is what everyone deserves. Myrna, loved the two takes on the same aspect. The world itself is divided so.

    Joy always,

  17. Well communicated the message of hunger! The words carry to the depth.

  18. Beautiful shot, incredible sky.;) I have always believed that if we only take the middle road and never overdo anything, we will live long healthy lives.;) Even too much of something healthy is to bad for us.;)
    Have a great weekend,

  19. "Hard to find sanity within paradox..."

    I think that the need to believe in fairness and justice is a big part of why people believe in God. What IS is hard to accept as all that there will be.

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  21. It's hard to understand the inequality of the world, why some feast, some starve and some choose to starve themselves. You're poetry helps to highlight our reactions to these issues. Well done Myrna.