Saturday, October 13, 2012


Ghosts, haunting my mountains

Her head turns 360,
slowly, monstrously.  Evil eyes, daggers of hate,
rupture rationality.  Her inner devil,  pure fright
of Hollywood's imagination, detonates a racing heart
pumping, sucking blood red horror.

And it feels good to feel fake,
'cause the real thing's so real, inside
dormant, 'til it's awake with anxious
expectation of doom - maybe bills unpaid,
job not going well, or simply a soul lost
where demons dwell
in pains and penalties of life,

Feels good to confront fear not just in fables or shows,
because it fears its own revelation - death
whose core dies when seen through our reflection.
Life itself's the exorcism (sadly it doesn't always work)
no ritual,
more of a drama we direct,
perform as well, to hopefully expel terror
and see freedom
from within.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets where Stu offers the topic of fear as our prompt for today.)


  1. life itself is the exorcism...true that...we cant let our fear of it rob us of that or it has won...and fears many times are in our head and wont hold up to the light....

  2. I did not like tht movie, it was scary, not only in content, but what it conjured up in me. Very true write.

  3. I like the fake fear and masked doom as the real thing can be frightening to face ~ It takes courage to face fear in the eyes, and only then can we feel free ~

  4. That first stanza made me quake in my boots, Myrna! And then the poem goes full circle and ends with hopefulness....with terror expelled and freedom seen from within.

  5. like the twist on the exorcist... and also the sentiment of horror exiting on film but not being as real as the horrors that play out in day to day real life....even the most routine things can be you point out so eloquently

  6. Yes, yes, yes. Sometimes the thing we fear most, is the fear of being afraid.
    Great poem!

  7. I love the contrast between the unreal (movie) and the real ("where demons dwell in pains and penalties of life, suffering"). LOVE the ending, where one learns freedom comes from within - the only place we can find it. Beautiful, my friend.

  8. So true. Those movies stay with me, but your poem is a release!

  9. Like your choice of perspective..Poltergeist was another that went back and forth between real and fake and one sitting on the edge of the seat.

  10. you have no idea how much i can relate to this myrna...going to california and having to drive a car and finding the way around alone has almost brought me to the edge..tomorrow i will pick up the car and hopefully the fears roll away like fluffy clouds...

  11. "Life itself's the exorcism" <--- loved that !!

  12. Once again you've overwhelmed me with you talent dearest. It sort of explains why people like scarey movies doesn't it....we can forget about the really scarey stuff that is life... Take care dear girl....

  13. This poem really spoke to me. I actually can barely stand scary movies or books at this point in my life. They are just too vivid to me. They make me so uncomfortable, can't stay in my seat. Your poem spoke to that whole endeavor - the attempt to exorcise by growing familiar = well done. k.

  14. Imagine how those mountains looked to indigenous people and even to the early white settlers. Now, roads take us almost everywhere, and with roads come houses, signs and litter, turning the mysterious into what we suppose to be the ordinary.

  15. P.S. I took the liberty of using your photo for my desktop.

  16. so packed with things to think on. . .

    Have a lovely week-
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  17. oh dear Myrna... this is wonderfully profound... thank you.

  18. well done with this spirited poem...interesting inspiration

  19. Powerful poem, Myrna. Our inner fears are always so much scarier than anything - and yes, our life is a chance to work at them.