Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Somewhere in the deepest recesses of her subconscious,
in the most profound, obscure, shadowy places
where thought is not even a mist, not even a nothing,
there resides her instinct -
 raw, savage, ferocious, caged 
the way it is in us.

Attentively, she listens to its growl
as it pushes, claws attempting escape.
Intuitively she connects,
sees truth undeniable.

The whole world lives in her.
She loves
but she is wise,
though she can't explain her gift,
 safely she facilitates
its release. 

(Submitted to Dverse Poets Open Link Night.)

My friend Mary, who's never had a lesson in drawing or painting, created this mural on her backyard walls.  When I saw it, my heart leaped. Her love of animals and nature was in the air, palpable, so real.  What a gift she has, and what a gift she is.


  1. smiles...very cool on the mural, she did a great job...our instincts will def guide us in the most interesting of times...and many times we do keep it locked away trusting our intellect more...

  2. love the murals...wow...she did an awesome job...and oh the instincts...i don't trust mine...think have to start to learn from scratch, dealing with them...i always put my brain first...at least try...maybe not so good at times but probably safer...ugh...

  3. What beautiful paintings your friend created. Interesting to think about human instincts. Seems we don't pay much attention to them anymore, and that they have subsequently almost faded away from our consciousness.

  4. great verse. Wow, your friend did some killer murals there, reminds me of a local college around here where when this giant wall was first constructed the students were given free reign to paint in sections, they must have had some sort of system in place as the entire wall is very well done, nothing sloppy or amateur about it. Just love the way your poem works with the mural, which, again, is outstanding. thanks


  5. I loved that image of a woman understanding a part of her shadow -- the vicious jungle animals! Nice pics too.

    BTW, Click here to see my attempt at funny poem about centering poems.

  6. Wow! your friend is really gifted. And, what a tribute you have paid to her by writing this, Myrna. Has she seen this poem yet?

    Joy always,

  7. Wow.... she really is gifted. Lovely tribute to her in your poem too.

  8. Amazing murals - and the idea of letting something out of the subconscious - channeling it - is a lovely subject for a poem. Well done. k.

  9. Lovely murals and poem that explores its impact

  10. Wonderful art and your poem seems to "channel" the spirit with which she paints.

  11. She indeed gifted to have painted this mural, without any lesson. I like that she listens to her instinct and noises within her ~

    Have a wonderful week ~

  12. What a gift she has, indeed. Such lovely creatures all along her yard. I love "attentively she listens to its growls, intuitively she connects". I so enjoyed this post!! You and your friend are both gifted!

  13. that is sweet. Glad you are coming to the islands!!!!
    If you will be in Honolulu at all, I'd love to meet with you, M

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  14. Lovely murals! And an equally deep poem to go with it!

  15. Beautiful, what an incredible art, and to have it displayed for everyone to see.;)
    Love your poem too. Always been intrigued by instincts and gifts, or talents. Something we can do without being told how or taught how to. We just know.
    Have a lovely weekend dear Myrna,

  16. What a gift your friend has....what a gift you have. No wonder you are friends....

  17. just thought i'd pop in and wish you a wonderful saturday myrna!!

  18. you will have a fabulous time! Contact me through my blog contact if you need to.