Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Vehicle chasing the moon

Thoughts like the dark side of the moon
seek the light of my attention.

So often senseless, useless, they persist.

"Sex is better when you're older. 
You don't have to worry about getting pregnant,"

says my 72 year old student, whose face
I cannot see, through the haze of recollection.

But before my brain can focus, flashes
from nowhere strike:

"Ugh, food shopping day, No he didn't!  just leave that mess for me to clean,
Poetry, wish I could write like him, I think I suck, what's the use?
But, I love it so. Boy, Ronda and Walter sure are stingy. Guess I shouldn't think like that but..."

Sometimes, with intention, I make them
replacing crazy chatter with positive ruminations,
that make me feel

better about my tender, generous heart,
often misunderstood, perhaps due to issues from childhood,
but I know I'm really good, and I'd change so many things
if I could, starting with myself, because I should...

They spin circles, these thoughts,
both rational and absurd
unique designs in my mind,
thinking that I weave Who I Am
into their thoughtless, spontaneous sparks.

Lately though,
I'm learning to observe,
to watch -
the way I watch my dogs being dogs,
which I try to control,
but, how can I resist
nature's flow?
I watch them,
knowing I'm not my dogs,
nor Am I my thoughts.

So, whose watching?


 (Submitted to Dverse Poets, Open Link Night.)


  1. i think it's good to watch inside...i know these kind of thoughts as well and they can ruin our day or in the worst case our life if we don't stop and replace them with good thoughts..ugh..not always easy...so still learning..smiles

  2. it is def important to be ever mindful of the inner chatter because it is not always helpful or constructive...this was a good reminder for me though....i need to do that a bit more right now...

  3. Those inner points of calm hold many answers...

  4. And, it can be so endless too can't it! It's good to pull oneself up sharp sometimes and just call time out. This says it all so well Myrna.

  5. Ahhh my darlin, that's the big question isn't it....but it's the real you...your essence...your 'soul' who is watching...how lucky we are to be able to observe...
    You are very talented sweetness...such a precious person...I'm privileged to have been able to connect with youl...
    Love across the miles...

  6. I SO LOVE THIS!!!!!! The mix of monkey mind chatter and our attempts to lift ourselves out of the mire........you have caught this perfectly. I love that the Inner Observer watches your thoughts as you watch your dogs. LOVE that!!!!!! Very wise, kiddo......a Wise Watcher, you are!

  7. I am careful of that inner voice and chatter too Myrna..it can get to us and topple down our self confidence and self worth ~

  8. What thoughful lovely words. Our inner voice can be good and bad. We have to decide which....

  9. Oh Myrna, this is so perfect. Who is watching and where do the thoughts go when we stop paying attention? Why do we persist in believing they're anything other than thoughts, blips, and we can flip them, switch them, wonder and marvel and dance and just watch the magical marvelous show.

  10. Inner chatter, you capture it so well. I think we all do that. :)

  11. The inner voice offers great strength if only we're brave enough or strong enough to see. Nice thoughts Myrna!


  12. The photo is gorgeous, but it pales next to the poetry. Myrna, you are such a talent! I'm awestruck!

  13. Myrna.....I'm going to borrow Linda Medrano's words, because I can't come up with any more of my own!

  14. Inner chatter. I call it mind kittens. Perfect post.

  15. Thanks so much for visiting...hope you'll come back!

  16. Who ? Who? you raise the important questions. . . You; You

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  17. Awareness is something that comes with practice and patience. Liked the question at the end of the verse. Ideally we all should watch -- always aware.

    Joy always,

    P. S: Loved the comment on my post yesterday. You make me see me in a new light :) Smiles and hugs.

  18. I thank you for your lovely words in my blog. Someday, who knows, I will publish my work but right now, I am just trying to write and post on a regular basis ~

  19. Dear Myrna, I am back from my long break.;) What a stunning photo, love it.;) I think we all have a dialogue with ourselves and it is what keeps our reference point to life. I know i do - it is not always wise to have thoughts spinning around, but to think and contemplate is what makes us change that which is not good.;))
    Hope you have been well.;)

  20. Beautiful photograph, fine view. I am greeting

  21. just wanted to wish you a lovely weekend myrna