Tuesday, October 30, 2012


View from my front courtyard

In spite of my efforts to remain focused
because I really  don’t want to miss
any portion of my life, I leap
into a future unknown except in wishes,
where fancy magnifies delight,
or perhaps minimizes it. 
Won’t know the truth of this until
experience materializes
because we never really know
about the days to come,
though we always chase the finer ones.

Do I waste this moment?
My apologies to the gods
of time.

Rainbows, ocean breezes, luscious fruits,
water falls, volcanoes like the moon, heavenly music
softly strummed, or beaten by a drum,
fish of colors (I’ve) never seen, and people
of Aloha smiling at me...

Sorry, I’m not really with you now,
and tomorrow we may not be together,
I’ll be busy having fun.
I see only imagination's child,
how right it will be.

But I’m no prophet.
Don’t know nature’s way.
So I wait. I trust.
Inevitably, later will unravel 
with ease,
to now.

I borrowed some of the words from the song, 'Anticipation' by Carley Simon. That's all I'm about right now as I prepare to go to Hawaii tomorrow - a   vacation dream.  I may not be posting very often if at all.  I'll be missing you.  Aloha!


  1. Lovely poem.
    Aloha... have safe journeys and... enjoy!

  2. Do enjoy Hawaii. No more beautiful place to spend time and to savor the moments! Aloha.

  3. Beautiful and chic Myrna! Nature in all its goodness (by a strange coincidence we touched on the same theme). Have fun in Hawaii. I was at the Waikiki once before. We put up at the Hilton's fronting the beach (22nd floor,I think it was)


  4. smiles....we dont even know if we will get to morrow...so might as well grasp this moment the best we can and hold on for dear life...but it is good to carry that imagination with you as well...smiles..

  5. oh nice myrna!! have a wonderful time in hawaii...enjoy the sun, the beaches, the atmosphere...i bet it will inspire some nice poetry as well...

  6. Staying in your beautiful moments. Not every one is precious, but every future one potentially is. Keep your mind open, and your imagination close by - anything can happen, anytime. Paddington Bear will be by anytime in his spaceship * (Sorry, an allusion to my poem..couldn't resist)

  7. Enjoy the moment..today is all we are promised. Wishing you many many years of happiness.

  8. Oh I am so happy for you - getting your dream trip. You will be in heaven. My cousin loves that place. But I also love the view from your courtyard. It is magnificent. LOVED this poem. So much. Have fun, amiga.

  9. A sweet poem of anticipation..so real yet I get that the reality hasn't hit you yet........and yes, as you mentioned in your comment on my blog, we are a lot alike....have a wonderful time;)

  10. I liked the line "I see only imagination's child" I hope you have a great time on your trip!

  11. ALOHA, Neighbor Island Guest!!!!!!!! LOL

    Aloha from Waikiki, my Friend
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  12. Have a wonderful vacation, I sure would love some sun in the darkness of November.;))

  13. Hawaii! How wonderful! I hope you have the best time! Darling love the view from your place...and the poem, as always, protrays the human experience...

  14. Lovely! Have a great holiday!


  15. Have fun in Hawaii! You lucky girl. I'm just hopping over for IWSG. #192 on Alex's list. Happy Vacation!

  16. wonderful dear Myrna... if you are back in time I hope that you will join me in creating the gratitude quilt this year, our 4th one!! Information about the quilt and how to participate are at the top of my blog.

    gosh I was only in Hawaii once... when I was still a college student visiting my aunt who lived there... what a magical week of my life that was!