Monday, October 8, 2012


Everyone's writing of Autumn.
Heat diving into memory's pond,
wetting life to form decay,
leaves mulching contemplation
of frigid expectations that may come.
And who hasn't seen the wind,
blow them away?

But before my eyes, there is no such scene 
of foliage transformation to adore,
only peppers everywhere, 
I need more

wafts of chile roasting, then scorching
my burning tongue.  Hot, succulent flesh descending
through pipelines that sizzle, welcoming
epicurean delight, gastronomic festival
of sweaty bliss,
scalding explosion of tasty fun.

My autumn's beauty is of different scope,
a taste piquant in my freezer,
lasting all year long.

Green Chile's harvest
Dried Red Chile - Hatch (Chile Capital of the World),  N.M.

(Submitted to Carry on Tuesday for the prompt "Who has seen the wind", which I modified slightly.
Though I didn't submit (didn't make deadline),  I am responding to Claudia's prompt on food, at Dverse Poets.)

Every year, my husband and I buy at least 70 lbs. of chile and freeze it for consumption throughout the year. If you lived in New Mexico for even a short while, it's very possible you'd become addicted to these peppers.  It's a taste that once acquired, becomes mandatory for your taste buds.


  1. hmmm nice...i love chillies...i often cook indian food and there they're used quite frequently...ha...the sizzling pipelines..i like...usually my nose starts running then...smiles

  2. Just wanted to mention that in New Mexico we use the Spanish spelling of the word chile. So I didn't misspell it.

  3. nice...when i lived in florida i had a wonderful pepper garden....i like it hot as well....we used to freeze them too....i really need to try one again here...

  4. That is a lot of chili peppers! They make my eyes water. I applaud your brave palate:) Lovely to have the taste of autumn all year long.

  5. We live by the chili Myrna! The main dish of beef or fish in thick gravy. The hotter the more kick it is. As if that is not enough we have appetizers of chili pounded with anchovies and laced with lemon (or fish paste instead of anchovies) All taken together with rice like Indian food! Nicely!


  6. I like your unique take on the autumn, pepper and spice sure changes our taste buds ~ I can't take it personally but I do enjoy its flavors and aroma ~

  7. wonderful poetry and post! spicy

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Have a sweet week
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  8. ahhhhhhh I nice way to savor autumn...

  9. Tell me about chillies! In India almost every dish is spicy and chillies are one of the most important ingredient. And, I love them - hot and spicy. I bet we can cook a hot dish together!

    Lots of love and passion to you.

    Joy always,

  10. we import Hatch chilies to Arizona ~ one chain of groceries stores roasts them right outside their front door ~ divine!

  11. They sound delicious. I like how you add it is an acquired taste
    Some don't like it hot, some do. Great that you can freeze it all too.
    Lovely post.

  12. Wow..nice! lovely poem :)