Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Splash Pad - El Paso Zoo, Texas

I watch.
They scramble, screech, laugh,
recognizing springs of life,
they play.

I wonder.
Will they remember
how to activate joy,
illogical, unreasonable, senseless
flame that flickers,
tickles the brain not to think,
just to be
conscious now?

I pray 
to whatever is,
don't let them forget.

But that's all surface thought.

Deeper, where nothing can hide,
somewhere in my spirit, 
or within tiny, tiny particles in my body's cells,
truth lies floating
in pool of green light,
wishing I was them.

I hope sweet envy
is healthy when filtered 
through love's innocent intent.
Can that be?

Though getting old,
I want to join
their happy game.
Because memories,
of activating joys
like precious toys,
are still in me.

Sighing, I leave
resigned to conceal my inner youth,
for now,
until the privacy of home,
or the silence of my desert
provide me with my own

(Submitted to DVERSE POETS.)


  1. smiles...come on myrna...get out there and play...lol...i feel you though...chaperoning homecoming this weekend i realized my own age a bit....i would hurt if i did some of those moves...just saying...nice verse...now go play...

  2. I hate concealing my youth...I think inside all of us is a little child wanting to go out and play ~

  3. I was hoping the adult in the hat in the photo was you, in the water:) I so hear you.......but alone in the desert - go for it, kiddo!!!!!

  4. ah home!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. smiles..think that child in us always wants to play on...and it's good if we let it...so play on...smiles

  6. as long as you let the child out to play sometimes....

  7. love the ending, really strong. love the progression of action as well…watch, wonder, pray, hope, sighing. Excellent piece. Thanks

  8. Can that be?

    Ofcourse it can be!

    Myrna, so beautifully you string your thoughts into words.

    You should go out there and join them. They will be happy. Wish I lived close-by to you then we both could go out and play!

    Joy always,

  9. Youth never ages and those who think young remains young in spite of that numerical figure known as "age"

  10. In our mind we are always younger than we are... Hard to accept we are getting older... :) love the ending :)

  11. We are only as old as we feel.. right?
    I hope you love dancing in the rain :)

  12. Age is just a number that should be kept a secret between your passport and you

  13. I love this, especially the ending... oh yes, one advantage of maturing is being able to provide your own playground, such a powerful thing. I love the question you pose:

    I hope sweet envy
    is healthy when filtered
    through love's innocent intent.
    Can that be?

    I'm going to be bold and say... oh yes oh yes...

    BTW thanks for your comments and sorry to hear about your mom...