Saturday, July 7, 2012


You push the sun,
whose rays force the clouds
to sway out of the way,
evaporating into ether,
dispersing into nothing
but streams flowing
through time.

Do you remember?

innocence of old world adventure
we travelled on a dime

night of pain that delivered
dawn of beautiful beginning
bundle of potential, a little life
entrusted into ours to accelerate

Us spellbound, gaping incredulously,
through window of modest new castle
witnessing our growing grass

The poor dragon you courageously slayed
with fleas

The anguish, at times, of raising a teen.

There’ve been clear, clean flowing breezes
blizzards, strikes of lightning, floods,
predictably, more to come.
Gratefully, I know
no storm can make you stop
pushing the sun.

(note:  Reference to the poor dragon –  After my husband quit his job due to a racist situation,  our family  touched the dragon of poverty.  My husband bought a bunch of radios and other stuff and sold them at the flea market.)

Submitted to:  Dverse Poets and

Thoughts of Beauty in the Stillness of Dawn

(Not sure why I keep getting highlights on some of the lines.  I'll have to contact blogger about this.  So sorry about it, it makes it hard to read.)


  1. oy have hit that dragon of poverty before myself...not an easy beast to slay....the old world adventure on a dime...been there too...i like you took this and expanded it to many level it much..

  2. Weathering life is an adventure. I'm not looking forward to those teenage years.

  3. oh wow...thanks for sharing this myrna...what a story...and love how you didn't give up but kept on walking...moved me really deeply...and love the images you use to put it into words

  4. I admire your spirit with "pushing the sun" ~ The storms and floods are still forthcoming ~

    Lovely share ~

  5. What an awesome awesome poem....I loved this because this is real life....butbyou'vecwritten it with such heart....such honesty. This is a perfect example of the weather representing our day to day lives....sometimes it rains, sometimes it pours - but one thing is for sure - it will always be changing....On an aside- loved Hoyle dropped in the dragon and the fleas - they sit so well in this piece!

  6. Bless his principles, and bless your family. Very nice poem.

    Enjoy Your Day-

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  7. Yes, known that dragon all too well too. This was such a lovely read. Seeing it through all the rough weather and ending with hope.

  8. A beautiful love poem. Love worth something is principled. Beautifully done. Bless you.

  9. A wonderful poem capturing a hard time of your life. I like the reference to the poor dragon:)

  10. A beautiful poem ...

    "dawn of beautiful beginning
    bundle of potential, a little life
    entrusted into ours to accelerate

    ... and the greatest adventure begins! :)

  11. Very moving run through.We do not forget our roots least of all the struggle to have our heads above water in early years. Great write Myrna!


  12. As they say “All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well.

  13. another lovely poem by you...

  14. "innocence of old world adventure
    we travelled on a dime"

    I really like that.

  15. Your fortitude, strength, courage and hope shine thru in this poem. Taking on poverty and dealing with it without becoming bitter is a monumental achievement. That's easy, perhaps, to say after the fact but it's true. The daily reality of it can destroy family, self, and community. Your beautiful response to it is amazingly clear in your words here.

  16. Golly gee--here is a whole life partnership from birth to now, framed in your understanding of impersonal fate and personal endurance and admiration and willingness to thrive. Bravo!

  17. My sweet Myrna,
    Moving and touching words. I admire your strength and desire to overcome such ignorance. Sadly, many with such small minds forget that if we need the same water for survival and air to breathe....then we are the same (smile). Forgive them my friend...forgive them. Thanks for sharing my dear.

  18. Dear Myrna, this was beuatiful. We all have periods in our life, or at least many of us do, when money was scarce. I have been at both ends of the monetary scale and can not claim that happiness accompanied richness, but I also know how difficult it is to not have.;))
    Have a great Monday,

  19. Wonderfully exposed and personal. Loved the dragon reference!

  20. This is so lovely - and so loving, Myrna. A glimpse into a wonderful life. I love it.