Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The trivial thought was like gum
stuck on a shoe,
elongating strands stretching,
snapping, sticking again,
to shake off
or ignore.

She’d felt compelled to observe -
that look.
His sad, piercing brown eyes
lingering too long,
his breath - accelerated slightly.
Its rhythmic rise
as he inhaled
the scent of her

She left,
unsure that moment they shared
contained the future
strong bonding
true commitment
of a lasting selection.

That night, alone,
her only companion -
her trivial, gummy thought
infiltrated her dreams
as apparitions of his countenance
appeared, begging
for space
in her life.

Upon awakening she rushed
to muffle the cry of the now
utterly significant, incessant thought.

Before he saw her, he sensed her,
knowing she was the one to rescue
his loveless life.
He ran to her arms, howling boisterous
declaration of  his  love.
They left together.

That night
she glanced at him,
he licked her hand,
they surrendered
to peaceful dreams.

(Submitted to Dverse  Poets
And  Poets United for the Vice Versa prompt – use the words trivia/significant and observe/ignore.)


  1. aaaawwwwww...how sweet is that.....LOVE it myrna!!!

  2. Precious... I love it, too. So sweet.

  3. ok you had me wondering at he licked her hand...well i guess if you like that...and then the dog pic...smiles....very cool...

  4. Awww... Loved this.
    I have a little Yorkie and love him to bits. They can and do steal our hearts, don't they :)

  5. Oh, I enjoyed this so much! The ending was a wonderful surprise. Thanks for taking part in Vice / Versa!!

  6. How sweet ~ I am glad she chose him and brought him home ~

  7. I love the levels in this, everything holds true about relationship, no matter who or what we are thinking about committing to--and the end is perfect.

  8. You hadv me going until the line about him licking your hand. Fun read -- especially that first stanza. Annette at http://hoofprintsinmygarden.wordpress.com/

  9. beautiful Myrna...so many wonderful lines!

  10. Myrna, you about had me in tears with this one, especially because I'd seen the sweet puppy's picture before I read it. Your poetry is always so amazing, and I wish I could come up with some new words to say about it. You really need to enter lots of your poetry in the best of the best poetry contests!

  11. Awwwww and again AWWWWWWW. k .

  12. Still pleasantly enraptured by "the scent of her indecision."

    Wishing you a pleasant thoughts &
    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  13. High on the "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh" factor! - And well written.

  14. Now that was a bit unexpected though certainly gratifying! I know what you mean by the feeling of intense closeness with my pet. My Chihuahua, though a present, quickly made his way into my heart, to the point where I dream of him with me on the road to Purgatory. Lovely poem.

  15. How utterly sweet Myrna! A puppy so cool and the picture says it all! Wonderful take!


  16. Oh my sweet Myrna,
    Very well written with soooooo much love and affectio!!!. Yes, the picture did it for me (smile). Thanks for sharing my beautiful friend.

  17. Well done, I like the way you humanized the dog until the final stanzas, just underlining that the mutual affection parallels the affection we humans feel for one another.

  18. just wanted to say...i was so moved by your comment on my poetry poem..almost to tears...and you're right..it's my love story...smiles

  19. Thanks for sharing a beautiful writing.

  20. Dearest Myrna...
    Friday Flash 55 is back if you are interested.

  21. haha, good reading, enjoyed!

  22. Oh, that was sweet. Love finds its forms!