Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Aimee’s Parents Get Divorced

Aimee’s dry eyes follow Daddy,
as he drives away, wiping his own.
She doesn’t know yet
that important things
are invisible, untouchable
sensations, like shards piercing,
digging deep holes
in her little soul.

Aimy knows he’s leaving
because of her transgressions.
Mommy and Daddy lie.
Say it’s their fault, mistakes
adults can’t fix
making separation
inevitable, impossible to keep
promises about forever
when life is so hard,
that love dissolved.

Not even tiny fragments
of their love remains.
Just the invisible shards
that bury
Aimy’s guilt In fear
as she waits, certain
that one day
her parent’s love
for her
will be invisible too.

(submitted to Dverse Poets)


  1. ugh..i have heard that kids often think that it's their fault when the parents split up.. that last part is heart breaking with the fear that her parent's love will end as well...get invisible..ugh..tough topic myrna but very sensitively penned

  2. ...and i meant the fear that their love for her will end like theirs ended....

  3. an emotional topic...well written

  4. This brings back some memories for myself. I really did enjoy this :)

  5. stinks when kids are caught in the middle of this...and it def makes them feel the guilt...some very real feelings you are addressing here...

  6. So hard on children--those shards describe it well, all the guilt and fear, the shock that love can go away--that's hard enough to absorb as an adult.

  7. The shards that criss-cross or pierce the kids' hearts linger on.It is felt by them from day 1 but not seen by adults parents or otherwise. It's only apparent when these explode through tantrums, defiance or transgressions with the law. Beautiful take Myrna!


  8. Oh this is very true, sad, terrible but true. I know, having been on two sides of this as child of divorced parents, and as a divorcee myself. The way you portray the child's thoughts is very affecting, saying so much in poetry.

  9. touchingly sad...but the last few line... haunting.

  10. You didn't pull any punches on this one; from the title to the end, this pulls at the heart strings.