Thursday, June 21, 2012


View from my back patio

Seems silly
to leave comfort
of cool protective cocoon
for the sweltering fumes still rising
from the hard, thirsting dirt

and the waves of fire, like daggers
that still pierce through hot air
of descending afternoon.

Don't look straight at it.  It'll hurt.
Even without a glance it attacks,
commands me to shrivel, to conform
to the parched, arid skin of this earth.

It dares me to gaze.  I  peek
playfully, snapping shots, 
transforming negative to positive
images etched in my body -
remnants of a hectic day.

Another fire makes me turn.
He faces me,
flames a little out of control,
his smile exposing 
warm, passionate heart  
while on the grill he cooks (burns)
a banquet of scrumptious simplicity
while our dogs, run wildly
yelping with joy, thinking,
(the way dogs think)
that they too will partake.

I walk through our little garden maze
of colorful flowers and vegetables buried
in love, waiting for the sun to go
and for water to flood 
their desire to grow.

As the light of fire
and the dark of space
meld into peaceful haze,
I sit and breathe the air,
glad to be
out of my cocoon.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets,)


  1. We who live in the Southwest (I'm in Reno but spend a lot of time in Palm Desert) are so spoiled with sunsets like this and the wide open wild west we enjoy. You capture my sentiments...I much prefer to be on my patio, enjoying the beauty of our setting, to being out and about. Nicely done, Myrna.

  2. One can feel the searing heat from all sides. Very descriptive of a countryside I can only guess at.
    One thing: I hope you don't look through the viewfinder when you take these photographs you know you shouldn't.

  3. My lovely Myrna,
    We've had sweltering heat for the last two days here in Pennsylvania. It's difficult to enjoy the outdoors when it's this hot, especially when the heat index makes it feel like more than 100+ degrees...yuk! You do paint a lovely picture though, surrounded by the beauty of where you live and the ones you love. Great view from your back patio! Thanks for sharing & visiting.

    Emotions Of Poetry

  4. I loved the description of he cooks (burns) and the dogs having great fun too ... an altogether sweltering, lovely read.

  5. smiles....enjoy grilling out....i love cooking on the grill....and sounds like you have a beautiful back yard as well....what grows in your garden? you really built the scene well myrna...

  6. Was this reader supposed to do something with the highlighted lines? I didn't. I just watched the speaker being peeled out of a cocoon to stand in the blazing glory of photo ops food dogs and company. Gosh that was great!

  7. deep breath...... oh Myrna, this was pure perfection! I loved every word. thank YOU.

  8. Myrna, the view from your back patio is SPECTACULAR. I would sit there forever, and never want to leave. I so enjoyed this "snapshot" of your life, dogs joyously waiting for scraps, supper on the grill, your partner's smile, and heart - and yours, lovingly walking amongst the garden "buried in love".

  9. Beautiful write, Myrna. I love the desert, but the lines that made me smile were these:
    while our dogs, run wildly
    yelping with joy, thinking,
    (the way dogs think)
    that they too will partake.

    I could just see the scene!

  10. A wonderful summer evening you have depicted... and I'm used to sweltering heat in TX so that's the norm for me.

  11. I can feel the heat wave and smell of grilled food from your words ~

    Despite the heat, I really love summer (rather than winter) ~ Enjoyed the visit ~

  12. Summer is amazing--what it makes us do! Thanks for this beautiful post.

  13. what a shot and wonderful words.


    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  14. oh nice...thanks for taking us right into your garden...and i could smell the the part with the dogs as well... well painted atmosphere me a bbq in the garden...better than any fancy restauraunt

  15. Dear Myrna, you describe so beautifully a moment in time, in your home, with stunning views and the people and things you love...
    The view of the sunset takes my breath away - oh it makes me miss my old views so much.;))
    Have a nice weekend and thank you for your always compassionate words at my place,

  16. Relevant summer days of searing heat. It's special to observe the setting sun at your patio. Not many have that luxury. Beautiful write, Myrna!


  17. I think we crave to be in step with the earth, despite the discomfort. I enjoyed this. Thank you.

  18. Oh Myrna, this is wonderful...everything transformed, it is all the way we turn our hearts.

  19. Oh Myrna, this is wonderful...everything transformed, it is all the way we turn our hearts.

  20. Sometimes I don't want to go out too, but when I do I realize just what I was missing.

  21. Love the details creating a beautiful scene... :)

  22. You are describing the elements that make life worth living! Just beautiful!