Tuesday, June 5, 2012


There are no accidents they say,
we may live many lives
and some, well they say some
can even transcend time,
infiltrate our being
if only in our dreams.
Could it be that "they" really know truth?
about entanglements, threads of souls
knitted tightly, a mystical spider's web of crazy glue
connecting our sticky unsuspecting souls
in a cosmic set-up designed to make us grow?
No matter.
I love you any way
regardless if we've had countless encounters
in dimensions beyond or
if our connection initiated here, now.

And though in loving you I may break rules,
I've learned that love by will alone cannot be harnessed.
So when at times you've forgotten that it's now
and accidentally called me Mom
my heart has responded
from an eternal habit
that allows nothing else.


For about six years, I worked with people with developmental disabilities.  In spite of my attempts to deny it, Marvin (not his real name) was special to me. I struggled and hopefully succeeded in maintaining a professional approach towards Marvin, but mysteriously, I felt an inexplicable maternal connection to him.

I ran into Marvin yesterday at a bookstore. Marvin is a huge, fifty year old teenager. His hug choked me.  He chatted on and on about things going on in his life as he bubbled with innocent enthusiasm.  He's doing really well.  I miss him.

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  1. This is not only an excellent poem -REALLY-
    not a syllable out of place (though I'd move the "now" to it's own line :-)
    THIS is a perfect example of what a blog post CAN be: important & personal; too good NOT to share.
    Our blog family is the place we run to with these moments in out lives. Reading a post like this, we know that we ARE a WE. I am not alone. My blood family might be a swamp, but I do have loved ones like YOU, M.

    It means a lot.

    Aloha from Waikiki, Pal :-)
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. sometimes i wonder what it is that makes us connect with some people in such a special way.. i bet you are special to him as well. my cousin used to work in a home for people with special needs and sometimes she took me with her and i played and worked with them - and they're such warm hearted people.. always enjoyed my time with them

  3. awww...that is beautiful...marvin must be one of the special ones for sure....this warmed my heart...cool that you ran into him again as well...i love it when that happens...

  4. This is wonderful...so sweet..so good you touched his life and he touched yours.

  5. I like the cosmic and maternal connections as I believe in them.

    Nice that you saw each other ~

  6. May we all get past the professional to arrive at the heart of things, as you do!

  7. Its really touching, marvin;s innocent enthusiasm is reflected :) its so surreal how people we never knew brim a ray of connection in us within first sights :) a relation forms in heart, bonds of souls, aura's ignite!

    love the way you penned them...

  8. about entanglements, threads of souls
    knitted tightly, a mystical spider's web of crazy glue
    connecting our sticky unsuspecting souls
    in a cosmic set-up designed to make us grow?

    Love this!! Great poem!

  9. Wonderful piece. I love the the back-story about Marvin.

  10. This is beautifully written, Myrna. I can so identify with it having been a teacher with a soft corner for the troubled ones. Some of them ended up calling me Mom and I'd pretend to be deaf, but like it!