Tuesday, June 12, 2012



It's a good thing you had vision
when I was blinded
by those consuming flames
emitting toxic fumes, liquefying
my limbs, my core,
creating molten juices to drown
you with my fervor for delight.

It's good you left
when my burning needed fire
to quench its thirst, to satiate
the hunger, my desire to devour
what I thought depicted love.

Today, years have scorched my eyes.
I can see clearly now, the embers
from past times when rejection
drenched the fire, leaving ashes
grey from sorrow, inevitable
lesson of my youth.
And in gratitude I smile,
at the smokey haze
that still remains.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets and Carry on Tuesday)


  1. smiles....my youth was def spent of something i thought might be love...and ended up evicerated, but then again that was part of the learning process...and made me who i am today...so i can appreciate those ashes as well..smiles.

  2. My dearest Myrna,
    I am so moved by this. You have touched my emotions with great words of beauty. You are very talented my sweet friend.

  3. At some point, we are all blinded but its part of our journey and makes us appreciate of ourselves. Enjoyed the lovely thoughts ~

  4. You have learned so much and expressed what you've learned so movingly.

  5. Is the speaker addressing in the now the same one who had vision then, who left then? That would be wonderful, but it seems there is rarely the return to the reality of the early love so obscured by fantasy passion. I love how you brought out the "inevitable lesson" the "gratitude" . . . "at the smokey haze that still remains."

  6. Looking back at the time depicted here, there will always be regrets based on the experience derived from that time.

  7. seems a lot of us have the dagger in the heart...although you express it well...I hope your able to smile now

  8. it's good to look back and see how the things that we thought will burn us, made us who we are.. brought back some memories..and lessons learned..well penned myrna

  9. Looking back can be a lesson learnt! Though the wisdom of hindsight is a wee bit too late we're still better off the next time. Great thoughts, Myrna!


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  11. A strong spirit! Someone who is not defeated by fires and tears!

  12. Bitter sweet memories of young love. Some make us smile, some bring sadness.
    This is lovely, gentle, and shows wisdom gained.

  13. I work with teens everyday...this is authentic.

  14. you are a wonderful writer..I will come back for more.

  15. leaving ashes
    grey from sorrow, ....

    So many thoughtfully placed words...love the extended metaphor.

  16. So much living and learning goes into arriving at this moment of grace. Thanks for this poem.

  17. Gorgeous! Ahh, I remember those flames.

  18. Myra, thank you, this is wonderful...I too am thankful for the times of rejection....
    ps Hope your week has been a little quieter and you've had some time to relax...

  19. needed fire to quench its thirst. so nice.

  20. Oh, the infatuations of a young heart... How eloquently you describe the pains of falling in love when we are to young to know what love really is.;) And the bittersweet memories it leaves behind.;)
    Have a great weekend dear Myrna and thank you for always leaving such lovely comments at my place.;))

  21. Oh yes! This made me think of a song,Myrna - Unanswered Prayers by Garth Brooks. Have you heard it?

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