Tuesday, June 19, 2012


"I heard them, as clearly as a bird's song."
Her eyes glimmering with certainty, sought credence
in mine.  And I hoped my disbelief did not display
what was really on my mind.

With due respect, I doubt.
Could what she heard be true?
But who am I to discount her account 
of beings magnificent, celestial, mysterious
with no borders, passports
or even bodies full of matter
impeding their appearance to
whomever they so chose?

Many still embrace conviction,
they say it's fact not fiction
that strange visitors already landed
here, in barren deserts of New Mexico
not that far from where I live.

They say shape-shifters can refuse
communication with us skeptics 
who can't see or hear them 
while suspiciously we question
their intentions. 
We wonder if their goals
are truly serious
enough to really help
the people of this earth
ascend to super-human levels,
traverse galaxies of growth 
in frozen moment of creation, 
bringing happiness here,

... transporting happiness here.

Smiling, I listened to my friend, so trusting
in whatever she heard, when she was hiking
in the mountains near my house.
All I know with certainty now is
I'm not sure I know what's real.

But it'd be nice to meet some strangers
full of wondrous powers unknown, who can
help us unload humanity's frustrations,
while bringing happiness here.

Surely, they'll bring happiness here.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets.)


  1. i think it would be cool to meet aliens...as long as they were friendly...i dont discount anything...fairly certain i have seen a few unexplainable things in my day...

  2. "Smiling, I listened to my friend, so trusting in whatever she heard"

    This would be a challenging situation for me if I were in your position because i would feel the need to go completely expressionless so as not to give away my concerns about her sanity. If I were in her position, I think I would wonder why anyone should believe me since I know I wouldn't believe them, and this would make me particular about whom I told. Of course, maybe she had a history of saying some wild things, and I suspect she did.

  3. That last line, a hope, but repeated in doubt, marks the turning point for this poem.

  4. you are a wondrous stranger bringing amazing things to me!

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  5. nice... sounds like those are nice kinds of aliens...would be surely cool to meet some to broaden our horizont a bit.. made me think of war of the worlds...they didn't bring much happiness...so hopefully they are not as power-hungry as we earthlings are..

  6. agree with Semaphore - the turning point and the hope (?) - embodied in that last repeated line. thanks for sharing!

  7. Who knows... who knows.. I believe so much and so more and more in the fact that we live in a limited dimension...
    Thank you so much for your comment at my duality blog :-)

  8. I'm with Cloudia. I think bloggers are the ones who do exactly that. Thanks for being a source of happiness.

  9. I love this poem, Myrna.......I, too, would love if if some beings smarter than us (not hard, hee hee!)could rescue earth from what we've done to it.......thanks so much for your comment on my post, kiddo. I could never have set my wolfdog free, he was attached to me. And I to him. But I comfort myself that now that he has died, hopefully he is galloping along wild beaches in heaven.

    Myrna, I cant figure out how to contact you - your contact spot is foreign to me:) would you please email me at WildWoman2@shaw.ca ? Want to ask you something:) Thanks!!!!

  10. This is so charming it makes me want to meet an alien. But I'm not a believer in aliens. If I were in New Mexico, I would be though!