Monday, June 18, 2012


"Puddle", 1952, M.C. Esther
via Magpie Tales

In jest, you pretend to knock
on my head, as if my spirit
could be housed in a brain
of logic that shoots sensible
electric pulses, stimulating
actions I perform.
"Is there anybody there?" you say
nervously laughing,
not really wanting to know,
satisfied with what I feign.

Afraid, you quickly turn away
tip toeing softly, leaving imprints
in wet soil of my truth,
outline of your weight remaining
within grimy, muddy granules 
compressed in darkness.

I invite you to return, get wet
and dirty in me until that time
when you have courage to delve,
to splash childishly in my clear water
sparkling, cleansing, reflecting
light with optimum exposure
to the heavens, which to you
are now obscured.

Submitted to Magpie Tales and Carry on Tuesday.


  1. "Satisfied with what I feign"

    You share, we gain

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I sense in this an invitation to grow. Beautiful and loving poem.

  3. leaving imprints in the wet soil of my truth...very cool line myrna...i like the warm invitation at the end as well....smiles....hope the start to your week is great...

  4. ha...very cool... to really get to know another person, we need to be brave and meet them with an open mind and open heart..and may even get a bit wet and dirty.. smiles.. love how you pen this myrna

  5. somewhere I read a poem that went something like "if you want to taste the honey you have to open your throat". probably not the exact words but your poem reminded me of that line.

  6. A very imaginative way of linking the two prompts, resulting in an intriguing poem.

  7. My dear and sweet Myrna,
    I could feel love's affection in part of the poem, but like I told Janu, I will NOT be jumping around in any muddy water (LOL). I do know that sometimes in life...we must get dirty to live. Thanks for sharing my friend.

  8. leaving imprints
    in wet soil of my truth

    ... I really like that part, although the whole poem is wonderful!

  9. Unless someone is prepared to give of themselves 100% to another, everything is just superficial and meaningless. This speaks its truth so loud and poetically clearly.

  10. There may be emotional concern here but the willingness to connect is still intact. Yes, there can still be life despite hiccups along the way. Great write Myrna!


  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Myrna...I appreciate that.

    First off, I love the title!
    Second...I love the idea of finding the clear water if one dives deep enough.

    Nicely done.

  12. Delightful. Thanks for supporting Carry On Tuesday.

  13. Nicely written, and a delightful joining of two prompts. I especially love 'satisfied with what I feign'

  14. amazing piece of work.. really nice and deep..touching on the truth of how our lives are...for some of us..i loved it, i, being one of them who could relate to it :)

  15. This poem is beyond gorgeous! I'm in awe of you and your talent!