Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Last night, before slumber infused my mind,
already a fading, misty blur slowly dissipating
into fumes of non-memory, nothing,
I stopped
to see if my imprint will remain.
I found I left no trace of anything remarkable,
or worthy of the slightest fame.
You will never know me.

But I'm told that tiny acts, even fleeting
thoughts can cause effects.
Aware of what I did and didn't,
fearing guilt could easily awaken
a conscience microscopically examined,
mindfully I closed my eyes.
After all, tomorrow is another day.
I hope.
Then oblivion seduced
and I surrendered.

(Submitted to Dverse Poets and Carry On Tuesday)


  1. oh i imagine you will be remembered in the minds of those that mattered...it is often not easy to see those impressions that we leave on lives...and each day is an opportunity...smiles.

  2. often i think it's the small things that leave big imprints in the hearts of those around us..

  3. sometimes when i go to bed i have similar thoughts, that sleeping is letting go and that seems to get me in touch with my mortality. i think that if i live my day well, i rest better for the nite. and so i remind myself to live better to further our chances of resting in peace.

  4. Every life leaves more impressions then we can imagine. And while not everyone stops to say so, I think it's safe to assume your words touch many hearts.

  5. If a butterfly flaps its wings in Texas, does it cause a storm in the Atlantic? Some theories say that the smallest actions can lead to the greatest effects.

  6. I believe that tiny acts can cause effects ~

    And worries disappear if we sleep it off...at least in my case, it does for a bit ~

  7. more than your imprint is immortal!

    Friendly Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  8. I agree with the other commenters...we can't ever truly measure the impact we've had on the world and the people we've met. Even though sometimes it does feel like we're not doing enough. Beautiful poem!

  9. "mindfully I closed my eyes."

    Oh, this, yes. I've felt this on so many occasions. Great poem!

  10. My dear Myrna,
    You have such a beautiful poetic mind. Well done and written. The mind control all functions of the body. What we feed our mind, is how the body will feel. Thanks for sharing my dear and sweet Myrna.

  11. No matter what it is, however tiny and seemingly insignificant every action causes an effect somehow and, in some way. Your thoughts caused this beautiful piece of prose and, it is beautiful so, your thoughts made a difference because others (like me) are reading them.
    Cause and effect. Lovely!

  12. I don't always respond to poetry, but this one touched me deeply. Our impact is on many levels, some seen, some not. But it is there. Everything matters. Nothing matters. It's the same.

  13. Hi Myrna, very nice to meet you. Your poem really spoke to me because I've been feeling a bit discouraged due to some physical limitations brought on by my advanced arthritis. Your poem reminded me of this song:
    Thanks so much for stopping by place today.
    Tina @ Life is Good

  14. This reminds me of the butterfly effect; even a butterfly's flutter of wings can have major effect on the way events unfold.;)
    Thank you for your always lovely and substantial comments at my place;)

  15. That is really beautiful. Thanks for sharing your beautiful writings and poetry.

  16. I love your poetry Myrna. It is not the big that matters it is the small things that we do that carries more weight. You put it so well in your poem.


  17. Those moments just before we slip into sleep and upon awakening often seem to be so full of clarity and insight and I enjoy how you've written this for us.

  18. I often have those lie awake moments in bed thinking of the past and wondering about the future and trying to figure out what the meaning of my life is. You put it so beautifully, Myrna.

  19. Sweet, beautiful, peaceful. So good to let go (and it's funny how there are so many out there who will try to stuff whatever it is back into our hands.)

  20. This is some stunning poetry, Myrna! You are so good it's scary!

  21. powerful Myrna...the world would not be the same world without your presence, believe me...every soul matters, every soul leaves a trace, it may be faint it may be bright, but every EVERY soul was born for a reason and does indeed stir up life, sometimes whispered shifts like those of a butterfly's wings...your mark is here in your words, in your kindness...and every person you have connected with compassionately holds a trace of you in their hearts and carries that with them to share with others. The kindness we sow will always remain.

  22. I enjoyed your poem Myra...how brave you are to share them with others...but very pleased you do. I can identify with your thoughts...saadly self compassion is often lacking for us, particularly for women I feel. What a revelation it is to realise that it's good to reflect...to be aware of how we could change...without any self loathing...knowing that we did the best that we could at the time....

  23. Myrna,
    Doesn't this happen to all of us?
    yes, it feels getting sunk into a pit-less bottom at times. I am getting swooped into one right now; but it's true, your thoughts do inspire the cosmos to send to you what you ask for- only we fail to see the pricing coming with it- almost always! Then that's what tests our "want" for it!
    Tomorrow is another day- I'm sure something will spiral through to me in waves. I'll pray hard before I give into that slowly seduction of sleep; keeping us drunk for hours from reality...

    Hugs xoxo