Friday, May 18, 2012


My daughter gifted me with a book for Mother's Day.  "Like Book for Women" created by Meredith Looney is a sort of  gratitude journal where one can write about the things liked.  I like so many things and yet when I sat down to write about them, I found it a little challenging.  Perhaps it's time I took inventory of my gratitude.  Here are a few things I can think of  that I like and that reveal a rather multidimensional me. 

Gazing at the sprinkles of twinkles in the darkness above that make me wonder if the universe is orderly or if I'm watching chaos exploding in an instant of time.

Walking with my dogs beside me taking the time to notice individual plants.  I realize the desert is fertile and full of unexpected, often hidden beauty, much of it thorny, protected so it cannot be touched or found.  There are parts of me that are like that.

Being an outlaw while driving as fast as I dare along an empty highway (no cops or other cars) with the radio blasting songs I sing out loud.  My inner criminal coaxes me with combination of speed and sound so exciting, like I'm flying, happily, dangerously risking and breaking rules.

Engineering construction of a multicolored building with windows from nowhere, an elephant on the roof, a chimney flower, a little man named Jack who stands inside the tiny car upon which the building is suspended.  Then his laughter, when upon a whim, the entire thing is toppled. And we merge in waves of joy, my grandson, the little boy who works so hard at play, and me the little girl who's remembering.

Dancing by myself when I throw a wild fiesta in my house alone.  Salsa music played loud the way it sounds in a club.  I gyrate hips and swirl in primal moves provoked by drums and Latin rhythms that incite wild spirits cheering me on to live "la vida" as "loca" as I want.

Perhaps you can comment about some of the things you like.



  1. haha i have a whole new view...your inner is awesome....and then the grandson, the little boy who works so hard at play, and me the little girl who's remembering...perhaps the universe is just ordered chaos too you know...smiles.

  2. Hi Myrna. I came across from Andy David's blog where you commented on his reposting for our RFW blogfest. You sound like a great spirit. I've followed you and will be around to see what else you get up to.

    I like sunrises and sunsets (preferably in different countries as I love to travel) and I love beaches, learning about other cultures. I love change...

    Thanks for making me think about those things so early in the morning.


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  3. My beautiful Myrna,
    Laughing...I know how to gyrate my hips...I will give anything right now to dance some salsa with you (smile)! Great post and pictures. You have become a very dear and sweet friend of mine. Thanks so much for sharing this with me, with us.

    Don't forget to join me for the debut of the Lovers' Cove Challenge on May 26th. Then the second Blog Hop Saturday! on June 2nd. Hope you can make it.

  4. Wow, it's a beautiful list, Myrna! Reading through your list encourages me to be grateful, too!

    I am thankful for my dogs, who give me so much unconditional love. I am thankful for the leaves swaying with the wind--it's such a refreshing sight! I am thankful for friends and thoughtful people who never fail to make me feel appreciated. I am thankful that today, I am still breathing. :-)

    Thank you for a wonderful post, Myrna, for it helped me reflect on some things I am grateful for. God bless <3 :-)

  5. Myrna, imagining you gyrating at home seems fantastic. You show us dimensions of yourself that can never be imagined by us. I guess all of us have such moments that are absolutely priceless and of course we are to be grateful for them.

    Joy always,

  6. ooohh...that made me smile... i like the different layers of you myrna and nothing against getting a bit wild every once and a while...smiles..loved the fast car and dancing part and the one with your grandson really touched my heart..

  7. i dance by myself but not enough. but i drive slowly. i loved walking with my dog and still love gazing at the sky. you grandson working hard at playing and you remember was touching.

  8. Myrna I love your wild side Thelma and Louise.. driving fast... Then I do enjoy dancing and cooking... makes the food taste even better!

  9. I love your list Myrna! And I love your writings, especially your poems that touch on the everyday.
    I guess I like the everyday, the little things that repeat to make me feel safe and at home - the stars scare me if I start thinking about chaos! I like the people - all of them, even the grumpy ones and the selfish ones and the bully ones and the scared ones. I like technology - I never cared before internet, but I love that I can talk with you :)

  10. Fantastic revelations, Myrna! More of realization or rather appreciation. We seldom sit back and reflect of divine gifts until we take stock. You done it so well, Ma'am! Something different where all can follow!


  11. Oh, dear Myrna, I can relate to all of these. Most of all noticing the nature, the stars and the outlaw driving.;))
    What a great post - and a great gift.;)

  12. you sound fun!!
    every spiritual director I have ever had has recommended keeping a journal...and looking back...
    I am now your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  13. All I can say is "Wow!" You are such a delight!

  14. PS I'm glad you have an inner criminal!