Sunday, May 6, 2012


Image: River Irwell by R.A.D. Steinforth
via Magpie Tales

Be here now.
Smile. Quarter moon risen
by memories of chocolate kisses
hungrily devoured by tongues inflamed,
molten juices, burning, scorching,
tattooing your brain with narratives
of intermittent joy and pain
you think you live.

Be here.
Immerse in the sound of each little ripple
laughing as it tickles the trees. Watch
how the breeze conspires, whispering
secrets to the leaves, that wave good-bye
so easily.  All they enjoy is being green
enough to breathe multicolored molecules
flickering, though still, they know.

The only one. Unique combination,
compilation evolved, pieces sculpted
from ancestral clay still being formed,
molded, caressed by mystery and time,
fusion of confusion in chaotic holy order
of this universal speck that is embroidered
by creative forces flowing, being... you.

(Submitted to:  Magpie Tales
                       Poets United


  1. Isn't this just gorgeous. When we really do feel that connection to everything, we just know, there is so much more to it all than what we even think we know.
    This was an exquisite read.

  2. Really like the title and the piece is amazing, especially:

    Immerse in the sound of each little ripple
    laughing as it tickles the trees. Watch
    how the breeze conspires, whispering
    secrets to the leaves, that wave good-bye
    so easily.

  3. ooo you got some wicked flow going on myrna....just be...the last stanza if def my fav....def created by special hands to be just

  4. this is very sensual, and in a special way. the first stanza is relationship sensual (sexual) the second stanza is the senses at the river in terms of the surrounding forest and the third stanza has a universal type of sensuality

  5. Luscious, evocative, sensual, breathtaking . . .
    Being there, wherever we are, in the moment, the moment, the moment.
    I am enamored by your words, my friend.

  6. I loved it! The ending was a great finale! :)

  7. A benediction that blessed me!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  8. I loved it Myrna. I needed to look for some words that i didn't understand, which makes it even more beautiful :)
    I love to learn. Thank you <3

  9. Just beautiful Myrna. I loved the first stanza!

  10. this is beautiful myrna..speaks to me of giving ourselves to that river of life without holding back and become who we are..through it..

  11. This is beautiful, Myrna. I feel like I did not only contemplate the flow, but I felt like the flow took it with me. :-)

  12. I like the flow and first line of each stanza like a meditation. I also appreciate the scope from the person's point of view to the bigger perspective of life ~ My fav is the second stanza as it really speaks to me ~

  13. "immerse in the sound of each little ripple
    laughing as it tickles the trees. Watch
    how the breeze conspires, whispering
    secrets to the leaves"

    The second stanza is classic, Myrna! The word play is just perfect depicting a river with sounds of the water to that of the wind in the air. Great write!


  14. This is very, very good. I think you have captured the feel of the river, so wonderfully.

  15. This poem is brimming with love! Gorgeous.