Sunday, April 29, 2012


I saw him at the mall.
I stared letting him pass,
avoiding contact with black cloak flying
like macabre, protective bat wings from hell.
Charcoal outlines on his face disfigured his lightness, exuding
defiant, angry darkness, like daggers of hardened hate.

He pierced me as he went by making holes in my soul
that bled, stealing vitality, which gladly I would
give, if he would stop being undead.
I watched him meet another,
also styled in morbid dress.
Fear pounded my senses,
at sight of Gothic creepiness
flaunted at the mall
in the middle of the day.

Then I watched as they melded
 in ghastly embrace,
devoid of fangs
or any biting on necks.
Hand in hand they walked,
then devoured bloodied meat
(drenched in ketchup)
from the mall's food court.
I shrugged and left, resigned
to not understand, but know
young vampires need love
so they can suck its brightness,
or else alive in darkness,
they die.


(Submitted to Dverse Poets.  The prompt today was vampires.  If you're in the mood for spookey, go visit the site and read some  poetic fright.)


  1. haha...the bloodied meat, drenched in ketchup made me laugh out loud...nice how you capture the darkness you felt.. i always sense them as well and also loved that you would give a bit of your vitality if they stopped being undead... they need love for sure, that's the only thing that can bring them alive again...nice myrna...

  2. I love the honesty and empathy here, a touching write.

  3. realize that twenty years ago this was me you were seeing...i was goth before goth was....and had a mid calf black trench coat, tight at the waist....nice capture of these by the way...well played myrna...

  4. It's amazing, but there actually is a youth subculture that bases its lifestyle. In many ways on that of the vampire, albeit in a more symbolic way. At least I hope it's only symbolic.

  5. Ooh! I love that they want to eat their meat drenched in ketchup! K.

  6. So many young people like to follow this gothic subculture, but like you said, the only thing red they really want is ketchup :P

  7. I have seen those goth like youth, and wondered at their lives. Still, underneath, they are in need of love and hope. I like your modern take on the prompt ~

  8. Meat drenched in ketchup! Only singles do that, vampire singles. I mean! No, seriously, youngsters get led by peer pressure. Weird elements take over after that. Great thoughts Myrna!


  9. This is really interesting, most notably your sensitivity to paradox. I think these guys are seeking the light lime you say, which belies the seriousness about darkness and angst. You always open my eyes to a unique way of seeing the everyday that I often just blow off.

  10. Yes. The vulnerability beneath the cloak of "I am evil and dangerous - stay away!" You bared it well.

  11. nice job.

    secret: sensitive souls armor themselves in adolescent black and swagger and eye-daggers.

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  12. The Goth and everything associated with it drives me crazy. Somehow I cannot appreciate or relate to that but what I can appreciate and do appreciate is your verse and the intensity that comes with it.

    Myrna, I see you blossoming with every verse you write. How is our Leroy? Hope all is well with him.

    Joy always,

  13. Myrna, the fascination and the fear of expressed so well here. I loved some of the words you used...exuding
    defiant, angry darkness, like daggers of hardened hate. The ending was the least expected... Beautiful.

  14. Love this. And the best part may be picturing Brian as a goth, intent on a blood-red ketchup-drenched hot dog at the food court.

  15. Ah yes, I have seen those mall vampires! Great poem!

  16. Vampires have a certain appeal. It's zombies I find repulsive. Mall vampires make me laugh. I love the poem!

  17. My dear Myrna,
    Very fascinating post. Now I wish I was a vampire (lol). Thank you also for your kindness and have a great week ahead.

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  18. There is a lot of love and acceptance in your words. I don't really understand the goth movement either, but yes, even little vampies need love. :) Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad you liked my Moo Crime Limerick. :)

  19. yeah, I don't really get it...but my parents didn't get my manic panic magenta hair in the 80's so then again, maybe I do:-)

  20. You are a kind person. I love this. Those vampires and vamps sure could use the sunshine!

  21. just thought i'd pop in and wish you a lovely weekend myrna

  22. oh clever girl you! fabulous poem...yes they all need love don't they even those vampires! I'm off to read some more of your work...

  23. black cloak, bat wings, charcoal, angry darkness, hardened hate... you lay out a dim scene and dark dude, done so well. suck brightness, love that.

  24. Oh what a descriptive powerful write! I do know those moments where you just can't have eye contact....very nicely written!

  25. I too have pondered this thing. I was part of the California Bay Area hippie thing. We had the costume display and role play and behind that something we called a counter culture. The counter culture was real though ultimately we were just humans doing human things also. There were moments where I experienced something that could not have happened in some other context - I had to be hippie to have the privilege. I presume that goth creates something like that too, even though the human will shine through. It's just that I don't get why I would want a goth life. I have the same feel about tattoos and piercings. Not my thing.