Thursday, March 1, 2012


Undulating ethereal wings dance,
flowing, glowing, hypnotizing
translucent art.
Mind floating, traveling
in time un-happened.
I yearn to meld with it,
yolk of its soul in mine,
feeling a dream, unreal
but clearly tangible,
before my eyes.

Sad truth, sometimes
succumbing to seduction's soft allure
can lead to venomous encounter
with reality's cruel mirage


I absolutely love to watch the hypnotic movements of jelly fish. It is like being inside a live meditation.
Can you see my outline made by the glare in the picture?


  1. What a smashing end! Brava!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  2. Jellyfish freak me out!
    Nice to see you back Myrna
    We missed you.
    Loved your beautiful 55 My Friend
    Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

  3. yikes....yeah, temptation has its stings...came real close to a man-o-war when i was sailing once...

  4. they look nice but careful...they sting and bite...very nice FF55 ~

  5. ugh...yes..i like how you play on the soft appearance with its dangerous content with the temptations.. and you captured their tranquil majesty so well myrna

  6. Glad to see you back
    love your reflection of the alluring and poisonous jelly

  7. Their movement is magical, but I'm scared of them :) Ethereal 55!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and wanted to let you know that I'm not Cloudia :)

  8. If only we could pet the jellyfish. They look so soft. But if they didn't sting, they'd probably get hurt.

  9. Ahh their deadly sting despite their softness..

  10. I love jellyfish and when I go to the aquarium I can stand in front of the tank filled with the tiny little ones for ages! Your poetry is amazing Myrna, you always capture emotions, memories and thoughts perfectly :)
    PS Thank you for being supportive with my new book release, it means a lot, you're such an encouraging person!
    Wagging Tales

  11. Dear Myrna,
    Thought-provoking poetry from you. The jellyfish look beautiful...from a distance. Glad you pointed out your reflection. I probably would not have noticed otherwise.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Note my blog address has changed. Please update your bookmarks:
    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...
    Yes...I see your reflection

  12. Beautiful words. I love the jellyfish. I see your image, but I also feel your image in your words.

  13. Oh beuatiful words Myrna.;) We have thousands of jellyfish here in the Nor Sea and some of them indeed sting. Many of then are beached upon the ebb, hate seeing that, Yes indeed, they are very interesting creatures.;))

  14. Myrna, I love your face super-imposed on the jellyfish. I have a friend who lives in a floathouse in a small bay where sometimes the bay is FILLED with jellyfish!!!!! You would love it. Love your poem. And thanks for your comment on my site. I, too, weep for the animals and the hardships we have caused and continue to cause them. I figured, watching the film, if they could live it, I could bear witness to their suffering. But the image of that lion in his death throes will be with me always. Horrible.

  15. Dear myrna, its beautiful ! your words are so apt with this picture.

  16. Hello Myrna,

    Very lovely blog!! I loved this piece on the jellyfish. Its like being in a live meditation you say; that is a great phrase and I feel you described this in a manner no one else could have. Thank truly was a pleasure.

    Peace & Blessings to you.