Saturday, February 18, 2012


I like walking with no one
except my dog, who smells
the scents of prehistoric ghosts
swirling around, tired of the view,
seeking a stargate to jump,
some other dimension to haunt.
They fly in my head
transmitting ancient Mayan codes
my little brain cannot decipher.
Their messages, like tiny bubbles
burst, creating little pops that disturb
whatever's going on there.
Transformers, they are,
natural shape-shifters playing.
They launch space ships all around
magnified vibrations
like tempestuous wind swooshing upward,
announcing galactic catastrophe,
approaching real soon.
Its devastation is already showing.
Then my dog barks at air, startling
me to see all, beautiful mountain still
here, afraid of nothing.
And we walk towards it.

The photo prompt was provided to Dverse Poets by Reena Walking. Her blog, Missing Moments, displays beautiful photography as well as poetry.

and to Poets United)


  1. ha your mind wanders to some interesting places on your walk myrna....smiles....prehistoric ghosts, i believe it...what dog can resist a good bone...about like me resisting a beautiful mountain...nice verse myrna

  2. That's pretty close to the direction my mind takes me in. Sounds like you have a good dog to keep you focused, too.

  3. Myrna, I wish a poetry publisher would wander across your blog, because you are just too good for so few to know you. Hugs...

  4. I'm wondering how much of this is autobiographical. If most of it is, I would suggest that you keep on doing whatever drug it is that you're doing, and maybe send a little of it my way.


  5. What a beautiful and wondrous walk.

  6. smiles...i like....your dog and you seem to be a good team...would love to go on a walk with you both...smiles...much enjoyed myrna...and sorry i'm so late...was out dancing yesterday..smiles

  7. A wonderfully captured scene and the cat will forgive you for walking with a dog, after all cat's don't walk on the leash well..haha

  8. nothing like hiking with your dog. so i hike with three.

    private dreamliner

  9. My lovely Myrna,
    LOL...I must be walking in the wrong walks are never this colorful!
    Love the photo.
    Thanks for sharing. Thanks also for your kind comments on my posts. Always a pleasure to see your smiling face.
    Have a great week ahead my dear!

    A Cheerful Glance

  10. Now we are so used to Leroy that he almost seems an extension of you. I remember when you first wrote about him in July 2011. And dogs, they lead us to so many things unseen and unsmelt by us. they truly are teachers who know to dig deep.

    Have a lovely week, dear Myrna.

    Joy always,

  11. So love the image of a dog smelling "the scents of prehistoric ghosts". The image seems to linger, haunting the poem! Delightful!

  12. What a wonderful walk you had and what a discovery. A dog can very well find and see 'things' that we don't! Great write Myrna!


  13. Indeed a dog can find and see things we don't :). Your writing is so beautiful and takes one to the place and experience. Beautiful and has me reflecting on the meditative joys of a walk.

  14. Quite and imagination with the the cadence of your feet suddenly brought to reality by your dog. Definitely a cinematic moment.

  15. Terrific. I love the last two lines - very impactful.

  16. Great use of pacing and modifiers. Lots of visual images conjured by these carefully linked lines.

  17. Myrna ~ so glad to see you are still sharing your beautiful voice! Sorry I haven't been "around"...I needed to crash and burn and am easing my way back without any expectations:) Hope you are doing well!

  18. I can so imagine this walk, Myrna. And really you are not alone are you? You walk with Leroy and the ghosts....What a fantastic imagination you have and how well this is written. ♥

  19. Myrna for awhile I thought there was this alien abduction going on here. You really had me there.Very intriguing and imaginative.

  20. just thought i'd pop in and wish you a nice weekend as well..

  21. Yes, you're so right - dogs do help us see the beauty around us, and make the best company for contemplating it.

  22. I love walks and this was is beautiful.... With a dog or with oneself... either way both bring much happiness

  23. You remind me why I love my pup! Great poem.