Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I'll bring her flowers, to soothe
her mouth, blood red, distorted
truth, she spews to put me down.
Smacking me to hellish depths,
of aggravation,
reckless desperation.

She draws my helpless rage
upon her, deadly love
manipulating piece of my heart,
calcified, but yielding to her tears
reminiscent of past years, life -
sorrowful progression.

If she changes, I'll do better.
Ferocity can be altered, contained
by willful power, and the brain.
I'll bring her flowers, our commitment
enliven, promises
forever, tenuous
prediction offered
she'll believe
once again.

Domestic violence awareness.

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  1. ugh...thanks for the awareness...still it should never happen...some people just seem to live for it or need to to make themselves feel better...

  2. So heartbreaking - powerful words your write.

  3. Quite poignant picture drawn here through words, Myrna. I wonder what is going through the mind of the violence perpetrator.

    Big hugs, Myrna.

    Joy always,

  4. As always, Myrna...your writing is just incredible.

  5. 'ferocity can be altered, contained by willful power' ... mighty powerful words!!!

  6. thanks for writing on this difficult topic myrna...something that should never happen and it's good to use our gift to help rising awareness

  7. Yeah something that should never happen indeed, great job raising awareness on the low lifes who do such acts.

  8. Hello dear Myrna.
    I am against abuse of any kind. Sadly, it seems to be on the rise.
    Powerfully expressed.
    Thanks for sharing & visiting. Your kind comments always make me smile.

  9. That was very powerful. I am so amazed by people that can write poetry, it is something I am not capable off but enjoy reading it immensely.
    Have a great week dear friend:)

  10. Thanks for bringing attention to this important cause...

  11. You express your pain so eloquently. But I'm so sorry you are in a position to feel such agony. Peace to you, Myrna.