Saturday, January 14, 2012



As a child, I dreamed of love.
It's purity stemming from illusion,
kisses and bleeding beating heart,
Mended by promising thrills
of happiness ever after.
I believed Elizabeth, counting
the ways of loving, greater
maybe even after death.

Now, lightly clouded by illusion still,
love more clearly is revealed, devoid
of frills, of lusty signs, quixotic reveries.
I have seen relationship's complexities
kill repeatedly, limitations of emotion
leading to love's collapse, leaving a void
to be filled by destruction... or life,
resilience contained in vows by choice
unbroken, open to rebirth.

No longer a child, I know
no novel story can recount truth,
of love and time and matrimony.
Not even god of poets can aptly portray
the joy of love and sometimes,
it's lacking glory.

I know, rediscovering
time upon endless time, that
I chose you,
to give my imperfect love, gratefully
I accept your patient, kind reciprocation,
and strongly I suspect
that our LOVE, like infinity,
will have no end.

(Submitted to Poets United.)

I had a wedding anniversary this week. After 43 years (I was a child bride!), I can honestly say that hubby and I are closer, more in tune with what's important, real and truly loving. Romance still lives. Possibly, due to the struggles and challenges we've survived, and unlike romantic notions of youth, it has a deeper, more genuine affection.


  1. yay! 43 years wow myrna that is awesome...and i will say it sounds as if you chose i know he did too...smiles.

  2. Oh, my goodness, Peggy and I had our 40th anniversary last month. Congratulations to us all. We're practically legends in our own time, having been married for so long in today's divorce prone society.

  3. oh's awesome to reach 43 years in marriage...going through happy and difficult times and stay together, stay in love... not many manage myrna...happy anniversary!!!

  4. Mature love... a rare and precious commodity that I, too, enjoy.

  5. I agree whole heartedly with everything that you said. This is beautifully written. Happy anniversary to you Myrna, with many more to come.

  6. beautiful Myrna...we are coming up on just 24 years this June, and I can say in our time together and all that we've been through our love grows stronger every year.

  7. Happy Anniversary! That is a beautiful poem.

  8. what a gift you share with us!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


  9. Oh, this made me cry... I am a hopeless romantic and your incredibly beautiful and personal poem and your story reinforces my belief in love. In that kind of love that is everlasting. When two people that are right for each other meet, nothing can break them apart and as you say, hardships only reinforces the bond they share...
    Happy Anniversary dear friend, treasure what you have as it is rare.;) But I am sure you know...;)

  10. 43 years is wonderful Myrna and you are definitely an inspiration in today's world where the buzz-word is the D word. Very happy for you and congrats, dear one.

    After years of living together, one feels secure, happy and content. Sometimes, we are not married to the right one or the perfect one but inspite of all that we learn to live, hope and dream together.

    Joy always,

  11. We celebrated our 3 year anniversary on New Years Eve and this poem made me smile, reminding me of that little flicker that began this whole journey. Thank you!

  12. Congratulations on 43 amazing years....through all the ups and downs... you gracefully never swayed....

  13. Fantastic! :) written superbly. Great work!

  14. WOW! I love this, Myrna. Especially your comments, about mature love having a deeper, more genuine affection. SO TRUE!!!!! Congrats on achieving 43 years of growing wise together.......not many can say that any more. And thanks for your comment about me returning to the forests, to find my wolf-pup's spirit there. I am strongly feeling that that is what I need to do now.........

  15. Lovely! Great blog following ;)

  16. Such a beautiful poem! And so true.
    You've really captured the love that develops over time.
    Wagging Tales

  17. just thought i'd swing by and wish you a lovely sunday myrna

  18. Congratulations on your anniversary, dear Myrna! How wonderful for you and your husband. I'm very happy for you!