Monday, January 23, 2012


One day, the little fox got tired of roaming his familiar desert and decided to explore the unknown. He ran towards a place that grew huge rocks of different colors and shapes and from which he heard strange sounds. From afar he could also see some large animals with legs that turned round and round and made them run faster than he could have ever imagined.

Though he was a little scared, he dashed towards a clearing. After running in solitude for a while, he stopped to observe two strange animals, an unlikely pair, walking beside each other in silence. One was an awkward creature who walked on two legs. It's eyes were unfocused and it did not hear or smell the little animals in the ground or in the air all around it. It seemed to be walking asleep.

The other was a beautiful golden beast who was confident in his stride and whose nose made him aware of all that was going on. For a moment, the little fox thought he recognized something in him. He felt a connection and could not suppress the sudden, happy urge to play.

So he ran to the beast. It jumped for joy, and wanted to play too. But, the beast was tethered to the two legged creature, who was not playful at all. The creature made mean noises and forced the golden beast to yield obediently.

The little fox ran away frightened and hid behind some chaparral bushes. Sadly, he watched them walk away.

But then he decided to find some other animals. Maybe he could play with some, but hopefully he'd get to eat some too.

Based on a true story.


(See what happens when I have writer's block.)


  1. Did you mean to put it down with the part about writer's block? It's lovely.

  2. glad the little fox was not too hungry...interesting to see from his perspective...seems like you are getting over the writers block...smiles.

  3. Awww, I feel so sorry for both the little four-legged creatures. That nasty old two-legged one!

  4. A wonderful piece from the mind that thinks it has writer's block!!!

    Joy always,

  5. you know what...i think you should start writing children stories...i think you had the heart and eyes to do so...smiles... enjoyed your piece..doesn't sound like writer's block at all..smiles

  6. You make me smile. Thank you very much.

    1. What a marvelous little story! Writers block? My fat fanny!

  7. Oh, I think you should have writers block more often.;) This was so cute and would be perfect as a story to read to kids, you have a way with telling a simple story and making it intriguing.;)
    Better luck next time for the fox.;)

  8. So sweet, I haven't seen a fox in over a year. For a while I was seeing a Momma and her Little One, fairly regularly.

    Guess what? You are a winner of one of my photo cards!!! Send me an email with your snail mail address and I'll send it to you!!!!

  9. This story is a lovely way to get around Writer's Block. I love foxes. My sympathy is always with the fox not the hounds! Roland

  10. Enjoyed this tale very much. I have two foxes that live near my garden and visit regularly. In springtime we see the cubs. Lovely.