Thursday, December 1, 2011


People kept coming into the elevator long after I was pushed into a corner. It was already hard to exhale but they kept squeezing in, stuffing space. I thought of canned sardines.

A lady pressed "1", initiating the descent. Slowly, slowly, down, down. I was somehow able to look at a little window, through which I saw large strong metal ropes.

Suddenly, the lights went out and I heard the loud sound of rope snapping. Some gasped, some screamed. I was quiet.

The fall seemed fast, but I still had ample time to think. I wondered if the final crash would hurt. Then I dismissed the worry, knowing it would be quick. Instead, I focused on thoughts of family. I saw each member individually. My thoughts were surprisingly devoid of sentimentality, though for an instant I was sad.

But then, I breathed deeply. My last thought was filled with certainty. I was sure they would all be fine... and so would I.


Details of some dreams can be so vivid. With all due respect to Dr. Freud, I rarely try to analyze mine.

But this dream was full of symbolism for me. Among other things:
the elevator shaft - returning to the womb (through death),
though accompanied by many people - I die alone,
my family members - they are all strong and capable.

I suppose the best part of the dream was waking up alive. Once I thought about it, I realized that in spite of the inevitable final crash, I experienced it as a happy dream, full of serenity, healthy detachment and true freedom.

What do you think? You merely have to nod or say "Hmm", in true Freudian fashion.

Hope your dreams enrich your reality.

"Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake."
Henry David Thoreau


  1. i very seldom remember my dreams but used to have one that would come back again and again when i was a child and still remember it... i think dreams are a mirror of our soul somehow and worth to give them a closer look..

  2. That is a very vivid dream. I think they make great stories, whatever they might "mean." Thanks for this interesting post.

  3. Thanks for the Thoreau quote - look for it at my place soon LOL-

    but the fact that you muse over the themes and feelings of your dreams speaks well for your mental health and spiritual maturing (we're ALL maturing -once spiritually mature, we no longer need anything here!)

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki

    Comfort Spiral

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  4. nodding...hmmm....smiles.....

    i had a scary dream once where i was being chased through the woods by a hooded man...and when he finally caught me it was me...

  5. Oh, I so enjoyed this post! Most likely because I am an avid dreamer, if one can say so. In sleep and in woken state as well (thus I love that quote;).
    I trust my dreams infinitely, as they tell me about by subconscious. The way I have lived (and still live) my life, at times my inner self has a hard time keeping up, thus my dreams convey the actual state of my mind.
    In your dream it is very striking that you remain calm. Dreams very rarely have to do anything with actual depiction of the events, thus I do not believe this was actually about dying, but most likely about a death in the abstract sense, like you are concluding something in your life.;)
    Have a lovely weekend and keep on dreaming.;)

  6. I also saw Claudia's use of the quote - so I'm hearing it twice today - that has got to mean something. I take it as a very positive sign.

    anytime I have a dream that I know is not fueled by something left over from my day I know I'm supposed to dive into it - analyze it.

    and when I physically feel something in my dream, I feel it is spirit world connecting with me (as was the case of the tear on my neck that I wrote about).

    I does not surprise me that you remained calm - this is what I would expect from you. (laughing at myself because I have not actually met you). this is how you come across to me in your posts.

    as always... great to read you Myrna!

  7. I seem to have stopped dreaming... Or maybe I am so deep in my sleep I do not realize... either way I miss dreaming in my sleep!

  8. Oh! I am not alone then, Myrna. My dreams too are so vivid and I can recall them. My husband, who has no memory of his dreams, tells me to write them down because at times they are so hilarious! Loved the post, Myrna.

  9. Very interesting. I think it may mean that you are not really afraid of death, but not that you seek it in any way. It's just a fact of life to you. Yes, it is sad, but you seem to be confident that your family will be fine and that's what matters to you.

  10. Hello.
    Sometimes I dream, but most of the time I can't remember what the dream was about. I'm not one who places much emphasis in dreams...I'm with SandyCarlson...they make for good stories when I can remember them!

    Thanks for sharing & visiting Myrna.
    Thanks also for your lovely comments on my recent post. You had me laughing about your husband. Did he go out & buy the candles yet? (lol) Great sense of humor! Thanks again for taking part in the Party. I'm glad you enjoyed the final poem & video.

    For ref:
    Our Candlelight Of Love

  11. I just wish I had more dreams, at least more dreams that I remembered.