Saturday, November 12, 2011


Goodbye my mountains, cactus plants, coyotes, tarantulas and rats - for a little while. I've decided I need to experience a different environment, so a few weeks ago I purchased plane tickets and arranged a play date with the ocean.

Changing scenery, relating to a different aspect of nature while focused on its beauty will refresh and soothe my spirit. It's gourmet food for my soul.

Goodbye to you, my friends - just for a little while. I probably won't be visiting your blogs. I'll be wallowing in nature's playgrounds in California, with little on my mind, but maybe a glass of wine in my hand. I'll hopefully return with renewed energy and stimulated creativity.

Know that I think of you. I wonder what you're doing, writing, photographing. Though I'm leaving to find special nourishment, I'll be back soon to you who are my daily bread.


  1. oh myrna - that's just wonderful..! wishing you a nourishing, fruitful, relaxing time...enjoy the ocean and let the waves cradle you!!

  2. woohoo...have a great time on vecetion...i hope it is everything you want it to be...and you so deserve it...smiles.

  3. happy trip, Myrna!

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  4. enjoy .... breath it in. we'll be here when you return. xoMonkeyME

  5. Now if you were in the SF area and didn't let me know, I'm going to be really upset! Have a gorgeous time contemplating waves and sipping a lovely California wine. I live here and I never get bored with either of those things!

  6. What a beautifully written post, Myrna. I wish you everything you want and need. Enjoy!

  7. Myrna have a wonderful time away....

  8. To the ocean!!! How lovely, is that! I wish you a fun time filled with wonderful times.

    Joy always,

  9. Oh, I guess you are already gone, but I hope that you are enjoying your wonderful time off at the ocean, with sunshine and wine.;))
    Looking forward til you come back and tell us all about it.;))

  10. Hello Myrna.
    I wish you safe travels. No better way to renew & refresh than to be by the ocean.
    Enjoy yourself & return safely.
    Lovely photo.

    I have a gift for you.
    Please feel free to claim it upon your return here

  11. welcome back myrna.. hope you had a wonderful time