Monday, November 21, 2011


(Excerpt from "La Vida Es Un Carnaval", by Celia Cruz)

Todo aquel que piense que la vida siempre es cruel,
tiene que saber que no es así,

que tan solo hay momentos malos, y todo pasa.
Todo aquel que piense que esto nunca va a cambiar,
tiene que saber que no es así,
que al mal tiempo buena cara, y todo pasa.

-Ay, no hay que llorar, que la vida es un carnaval,
-Y es mas bello vivir cantando.
-Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no hay que llorar,

-que la vida es un carnaval
-y las penas se van cantando.

(rough translation by me with the help of

Everyone out there who thinks that life's always cruel,
Needs to know that's not the case,
That there are just bad moments, and all will pass.
Everyone out there, who thinks that this will never change,
Needs to know that's not the case,
Confront bad times, and everything will pass.

-Ay, there's no need to cry,
-because life is a carnival,
-It's more beautiful to live by singing.
-Oh, oh, oh, Ay, no need to cry,
-For life is a carnival
-And pain will leave singing.


Such a happy song. Yet my tears flowed inexplicably as something much like joy mixed with tenderness and a sparkle of melancholy flooded my emotions.

It was Karaoke time at the nursing home. Many, like my mother, just listened without response, some sang along to familiar tunes, others clapped, two chose to dance. I was the only one who cried. None of the audience took the microphone.

Entertainment was up to a staff member and a nursing student. They each took turns singing and dancing. Their "work" came so easily to them. I thought of some of the wise ones who have advised us to love what we do. These women seemed to embody that counsel.

Effortlessly they stirred energy and lifted spirits with their own genuinely happy vibrations... and love. They don't get paid for that.

I cried because I cry much too easily at so many things. I cried because the moment struck me as so full of life that my gratitude almost hurt. I cried because I saw people choosing to create a carnival for some who still want to play.


  1. aww...and you are trying to make me this...and love those that need those moments as well...

  2. Your tears are the overflow of a beautiful soul, full and brimming with love.

  3. Myrna...those are special moments and to get a glimpse of that sparkle would make anyone cry...

  4. Blessed are those who find a way to enjoy life. What a neat time, Myrna.

  5. Even I cry easily and this post made me misty eyed. You should have given descriptions along with the pictures, dear Myrna.

    Special moments as these are indeed lovely.

    Joy always,

  6. Oh, I cry easily too, and I never know when I will do so. There is something in a given moment, something palpable that touches our inner core and brings forward hidden memories.
    I am not sure who said it, but it was famous man. He said that if he cries and laughs in a day, it was a good day indeed.