Saturday, November 19, 2011


Before landing, looking at the brown, arid desert mounds that trim El Paso, my mind was still tinted with the deep, moist and cold blue of California's coast line. A part of me regretted my return to what can be perceived as a dull, anaemic, colorless landscape. It is so different from the ocean's dramatic and exciting hues that provoked me to gasp from incredulous surprise while I witnessed nature's explosive beauty. I drove back home to New Mexico grateful for night's darkness that helped me relish recent memories, already slightly fading like a dream.

The following morning, as usual, I walked to the window to greet my humble yet splendid mountains. As I stared at them, hoping to inhale some of their stillness, their silence conveyed a lesson: "Nature's palette is vast. Appreciate it all, it is all one."

So, I'm back home reflecting on the contrasts of this planet, of life, of myself - all from one palette.
I had a wonderful time on vacation. Now back to my life, my people and my blog.

My mountains.
I took too many pictures.


  1. yay! so you had a good time? all rested and relaxed? smiles. welcome home myrna

  2. The contrast is amazing. Thanks for your thoughts on this. Our world is full of stunning realizations and beautiful images to back them up.

    Your comment on my blog helped me realize how much I love NC and want to be there. I knew it but didn't know it until know, if you know what I mean! Thank you.

  3. welcome back! I always get a tad .....sad on my return. (You can never take too many pictures!)

  4. wow! I can feel the silence

    Aloha from Honolulu

    Comfort Spiral

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    < ° ) } } > <

  5. Beautiful post. I'm wondering if our paths crossed in California!?

  6. welcome back myran..sounds like you had a great the pics and Nature's palette is vast indeed and every spot has its beauty and magic

  7. Welcome back, happy to hear you enjoyed the big blue.;)
    I guess we always find that beautiful, which we do not have, but nature can be stunning in all its versatility.;) Even desert have its blooms.;))