Sunday, October 23, 2011


She never even owned a t-shirt that reflected her favorite slogan, but "Just Do It" was a phrase that clung to her soul. Not that she lived by it, quite the contrary. She believed it but she didn't do it.

Not her fault. What with so much work and family duties. She even took a sabbatical once to do it. Instead life surprised her with serendipity. It seems a relative had to have a heart attack. He needed care and she was available. She postponed doing it until eventually it just made more sense to resume her career which was quite time consuming. Consistently life conspired to design itself like a movie full of action and drama keeping her occupied, distracted and not doing it.

When life turned golden and major milestones had been lived, little things still blocked her goal. Days replete with friends, company, house chores, shopping, family needs, etc. forced her to forgo doing it. At night she always promised herself, "Tomorrow I'll do it."

One day she recorded a TV special - "Excuses Begone" with Dr. Wayne Dyer, which she intended to watch someday. The title got fused with her slogan in the deep recesses of her subconscious. She was haunted by suppositions of their combined messages. Words like perseverance, motivation, self-discipline kept popping up in her mind.

She wondered about so many things. Is passion still passion if one can deter it 'til later? Is there a twelve-step program for procrastinators? (If not she may start a chapter some day.) Most of all she wondered how a slogan and a title were catalysts to combustion. Something in her was ignited.

The TV show remains on the play list and she still does not own a slogan t-shirt. But for today, she's doing it. She's writing.


  1. Myrna.... I am so happy.... Yay!!!!

  2. hooray!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

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  3. Glad.



    Joy always,

  4. Way to go Myrna! Keep at it and it shall all come together.

  5. Isn't it nice when we finally get to live out our dreams.;) Not sure if this post is autobiographical, but good luck with the writing.;)
    Thank you for a wonderful comment today, your words were very touching.;)

  6. And, Myrna, we are so glad you are!!!

  7. Amen Myrna. I will join your 12-step program for procrastinators, if you'll have me. I love your writing it is so thought provoking. After all this time I feel like I know you.

  8. I own such a shirt. I got it in a free box on the side of the street. I like free boxes.

    I suppose the truth of the matter is that self-help programs simply aren't as fun or interesting as a lot of other things one might watch. They're too much like homework.

  9. And we love how she does it!! Delightful post, Myrna.

  10. ha yes - write on myrna...there's never the right time for anything...we really just need to take the time or we never do it..and this would be sad

  11. Yes!

    A 12-step program for procrastinators. If only they would show up!

  12. I meant "Myrna" - sorry for the typo :-)

  13. Oh, I see my mistake didn't show up anyway - I misspelled your name. What a great story - scary, suspenseful and sad. Thanks for your kind comments over at Becky's blog - nice to meet you.