Monday, September 26, 2011


I had a birthday yesterday. In my younger days I fantasized about maintaining my physique, my progressive ideas and youthful outlook. I've kept some of that, but now that aging gracefully is not something in the distant future for me, I realize that one of the most important things to nurture is a good sense of humor. The mirror can attest to that.

We, who are joining the ranks of the maturely advanced, may be having a hard time keeping up with advanced technology. We, the nouveau senior citizens, may be encountering the beginnings of a mysterious ailment called eccentricity. We may also be experiencing sudden unplanned, previously unheard of, exclamations and groans of aches and pains. (Some of us used to make fun of our parents for these.)

What makes me think of these gerontological issues? Well, first of all, yesterday as a gift, I received a "smart phone". I am now recognizing that having a "dumb phone" all these years was surely a sign of my aging, not to mention my intelligence. And now I have to figure out how to use the thing. This morning I caught a glimpse of my shadow and had a negative "Aha!" moment. If I had seen me ten years ago, I would have dismissed me as a weirdo walking her dog in the park, because that's what old people do. Why weirdo? Because I was wearing a large straw hat, to protect me from the rays, regardless of how silly I looked. "Who cares?" I tell myself, now that I'm old. After the walk, as I sat down on a park bench, strangers could clearly hear me exclaim, "Owwwww." My back hurt.

"Aha!" I thought. "I must be getting old." I stared at the fountain gushing clear water into the middle of the pond and I wondered, "Could it be true? Might there be a fountain of youth?"

I'm old and wise now, so I know there isn't.

(Just turned 65.)

"Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it doesn't matter."
Mark Twain


  1. dang i am old i dont have a smart phone...hahaha

    happy birthday myrna!!!!!

    i rather like twain...

  2. 65!!! Wow! You are blessed dear Myrna. I don't know many who actively blog at this age and I'm glad that you are quite in tune with technology and let me add, I have a "dumb phone" that you are talking of.

    A very happy birthday to you and I'm having mine on Saturday. Fellow Libran. Clinking glasses.

    Joy always,

  3. haha...happy belated birthday myrna...and i so agree with what you say about keeping a good sense of for sure kept ...smiles

  4. Oh Myrna, thanks for letting us know about your birthday! Much love and happiness to you, as you keep your young at heart outlook. And keep on writing those beautiful poems and stories! And you know what they say about 65 now, don't you?? 65 is the new 25! (at least that's what I'M going with!) :D

  5. Happy Birthday! Beautiful message - sense of humor so key. Love Twain quote and oh, sigh, the smart phone! Good luck.

  6. Well, happy belated birthday dear Myrna!;) And may I say that you appear so very young in spirit and mind.;) And to me that is all that counts, as the physical attributes count for nothing eventually.;)
    Loved this post and the lighthearted humour in it, I think you did find that fountain as perhaps the key to eternal youth is to keep smiling and never take oneself too seriously.;)

  7. Myrna.. Happy Birthday.. Your heart is young and your spirit very much alive... That is what matters.

  8. 65! Myrna, I just naturally thought we were the same age. I'm 32 (okay, 52). Happy Birthday sweet Lady!!!!

    "a woman is the age she deserves" Coco Chanel

  9. Belated birthday wishes, Myrna. Wishing you all that you wish for yourself and more. Will be back to catch up.

  10. Happy Birthday Myrna! You are 9 months younger than me! And we are both still vital and lovely women! In fact, I think we could almost be twins! And Honey, 60 is the new 40.

  11. Happy Birthday! I think a sense of humor is the fountain of youth!

  12. Hello Myrna.
    Please forgive my absence, seems like I haven't been by to visit you in ages.

    I was scrolling through your posts & this one caught my eye.

    First of all...many belated wishes! I hope you had a wonderful time.
    To me, age is just a number, some get there sooner than others, but for those lagging in the rear, their time will come all too soon (smile). "Old" is like a fine has to take its time to mature...afterall vintage is better (laugh).

    To me, beauty is not just in physical or facial appearance, it is also in the values & integrity of the heart. I don't know you personally, but I've come to "know" you through your writings/comments & you will always be beautiful to me, no matter your age (big smile).

    As for the smart phone, I've only just got mine & am STILL trying to understand it. I usually seek my wife's help when I get stuck, she's a whiz at that sort of thing although she refuses to get one for herself. Sometimes, mine confuses me so much, I ask myself why I've got one too!

    Anyway, you still have your sense of humor & a good laugh a day keeps the doctor away!
    I love the Twain quote, by the way. I might just have to borrow it for conversation purposes.

    Thanks for sharing & for your encouraging comments over at my blog.

    Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

    The Sweet Voice Of Love

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