Tuesday, September 27, 2011


As a child I dreamed of dancing, eternally blessed

motion fixed in time. Jumping, leaping, flying high

within vortex of life, reaching outside, grabbing air

to paint, with rainbows from my breath.

Many times throughout, I fused with flow,

good fortune rhythmically entwined, music's harmony divine,

egoic happiness possessed, illusion's prescribed guidance

I followed, step by step.

Other times, so out of sync, clashing,

instrumental notes creating stumbles, fumbles, mistakes.

Losing my place, falling from grace, plummeting

unstable, hitting ground,

the dance, only to begin again.

Today, my misty dreams recall, youthful wise desire.

Ballerina's perfection dangling still, hears

the silent choreographer, whose scintillating a cappella voice

my artistic dance directs, "... changement to releve',

master grand plie', most importantly,



Submitted to dverse poets. Please visit and read some amazing poetry.


  1. you will always BE that dancer, Dear Myrna

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  2. balance is hugely important...seen my fair share of ballet in my day being married to a ballerina...even danced in a few myself...but grace is not my strong point though i will dance life with as much balance as i can muster...

  3. the dance of life myrna...you found such graceful words to describe it...always struggling for balance...wish i could dance life with the elegance of a ballerina..

  4. Oh I love to dance too.;) Not sure about how graceful I look and my balance is probably off, but I will never say no to a dance.;)
    Lovely poem that brings images of a stunning dance to my mind.;)

  5. Myrna within your heart you will always be the dancer. I love dancing used to be a classical indian dancer. You brought back memories...
    Perfect read to begin my morning.

  6. Hello Myrna.
    It good to be back reading your lovely poetry.
    Even though I've not been able to for a few weeks now, I too love to dance and sing. I'm a happy fellow and usually start my day with some song or dance.

    Beautiful expressions & love the image.

    Thanks for the visit & warm welcome back. I have indeed missed my friends too.

    Have a great week ahead my dear lady!

    Your Song Of Love

  7. What an intensely beautiful poem, and yes, above all, Balance! Beauty never comes without a couple of scraped knees or bruised egos, does it? One of the first fiction non-poetry non-Twain books I ever read was about a young dancer who lived in Galveston just before the great hurricane of the early 1900's! I have been a fan of Galveston and performance dancing since... Both my daughters went through it too! Love your poem!

  8. Myrna what a perfectly beautiful way of bringing home a truth. You exude peace and love..

  9. just thought i'd wish you a lovely day..smiles

  10. ha i am glad our meeting went well...smiles.

  11. You lead this dance, my friend. Keep on!