Monday, August 22, 2011


"Hey Johnny. Wanna go to the zoo? Come on. It'll be fun."

A handsome guy, who had been standing casually by the stoop of a building, was startled before he recognized his friends. But once he realized what was happening he threw down his cigarette and ran to get in the car. Their greeting ritual included mock fighting mixed in with excitement and obvious pleasure at their encounter. As the car drove off, the sounds of carefree happiness trailed behind them.

I'm sure I never observed this exact scene but it reminded me of a funny part of my childhood.

Spanish is my first language and as a child, before I learned English, I was mesmerized by the conversations of people I did not understand. One of the games I played with a cousin was "talking English". We pretended to speak English by making exaggerated hand gestures and making up words. The sound that stood out the most for us was the sound of "s".

"Spim tans smits spisms."

That could have meant, "Wish we could really speak English."

(This has been a Magpie Tale.)


  1. A very pleasant little story. I'd like to see a longer version. Peace!

  2. I was hoping to read more... I still like creating my language.. it sure is a lot of fun!

  3. smiles. what a fun game making up your own words...can def see the scene myrna...and thank you...smiles.

  4. Great story! That "playing English" game sounds like a hoot!

  5. We played other languages and it was always fun, Myrna. Loved this post :)

  6. nice - i like this...we did this with french...and could talk spanish to both of my daughters and i wouldn't understand a word...smiles
    i like the carefree happiness, trailing behind them....fits so well with the pic myrna

  7. you share the wonder of youth! thank you.

    Comfort Spiral
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  8. I think we've all played at talking 'foreign' when we were kids. Nice Magpie :)

  9. I like what Jackie has said: "I'd like to see a longer version."

    Myrna, liked to read this one on language.

    Joy always,

  10. Dear Myrna, I can so relate to this as I grew up as an immigrant in Sweden.
    But even before that, living in Czechoslovakia, me and my sister used to speak a "made up" French.;) It is fun to think about that considering that she speaks it today fluently.;))

  11. My husband's first language is Navajo. He still speaks with an accent in English. Weird, huh? Actually, he sounds a little like a gang banger when he talks. Maybe it's the Navajo in him.

  12. I loved everything about this post. You're a delight.

  13. We still make up words sometimes, my kids and I...just because it is fun to play with sounds. I love your story Myrna.

  14. I'm now learning Spanish, and I'm sure you were much more clever and faster at picking up a new language than I am (maybe I should just fake it too) :)
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