Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Unstoppable, regression impossible
I push against its ticking, trying re-creation
of moments long dissolved in haze of longing
for a current flow, illusory minutes
quickly extinguished, shifting realities,
smashing into unknown mysteries.

Simultaneous existence I cannot fathom
merging instances from long ago with those
not yet evolved. Relativity perplexes truths
changing as minds perceive diverging eons
telescopic travel of uncharted dimensions
obscured by undiscovered voids.

Stubbornly contradicting gods, science
senses, irrationally persisting
thoughts strive. Imagination's fuel infuses goals
unattainable, rewinding clocks to moments unlived,
dreams unreal. I paste life back on time confusing
past and future, forgetting now, hoping all is relative.


Submitted to Dverse Poets.


I've been chasing time, trying to relive some things that were impossible for me for the last six years. Einstein said all time exists simultaneously. I don't grasp that but still I am trying to catch up on some lost play time. I'm having fun.


  1. smiles...i know that feeling and i am glad you are getting to do it...and putting out some top notch poetry too...this is really well done myrna...very nice...

  2. You are chasing time and 'time and myself' are playing games...If only time would be on myside for a change!

  3. Some deep philosophy here, Myrna. Raises the question of alternate dimensions, quantum physics tc. I love the role you ascribe to imagination.

  4. all 'IS'

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
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  5. time... it is everything and nothing - human perception is a bear sometimes isn't it? Sometimes I just give up and quit trying to figure it all out. Ironically, once I do that - I enter into the NOW ;)

  6. This is very deep, Myrna.
    Glad you are enjoying yourself and life.

    You made me smile with your comment on my entry. Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate you taking the time to always read my humble musings.

    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. Times exist simultaneously as the histories we carry within us, the trunks of our memories. I applaud your endeavor. They also say you can't "catch up" on your sleep, but I'll never stop trying.

  8. Your writing never ceases to amaze me! I always feel like bowing and saying, "I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy!" And I'm SO HAPPY for you that you are having fun again!

  9. and thanks for the cool spiral!!!!

  10. Love the depth, the perplexities that we each face 'trying to catch up' when all has not yet passed beyond what is now.

  11. love that you bring einstein in...visited the house he lived for a while in bern .. great to hear you're having fun playing catch up with time...smiles and great to see you in the pub myrna

  12. Time moves and those distracted would have to catch up. If we are one step earlier it's ok and 2 steps would be better.There's hope yet at the end of the tunnel.

  13. Quantum physics practically and simply applied. I like it!

  14. Gorgeous post! And I'm so glad you are finally in the "now". Stay peaceful Myrna!

  15. I can relate. An intricate poem, lots to think about.

  16. Relativity may be the ultimate comfort.

    I enjoyed this poem. Thank you.

  17. Times is so very relative and so contradictory. I think we can all relate to chasing time and trying to grasp its relativity.;) Beautiful post...
    Hope you have been well dear friend, it is good to be back online,

  18. I feel like I'm pushing against time sometimes :)
    Very clever poem.
    Wagging Tales - Blog for Writers

  19. I love the frenetic drive behind this piece and its philosophical implications. Your diction is excellent. Thank you.