Sunday, July 24, 2011


I have always wanted peace, which I associate with quiet, stillness and inner tranquility. But life has a tendency to give us what we need not what we want.

Left to my own devices, I would be content with a monastic environment marked by solitude and a meditative lifestyle. I thought I'd be happiest left alone so I could unconsciously mask my shyness, lack of assertiveness and various other idiosyncratic characteristics. But strangely, life had other plans and instead introduced Leroy - a funny looking, lanky, bundle of energy intended to shake me and move me into inner and outer realms unknown.

I had no idea some dogs cannot be still and are unable to provide one iota of serenity. Leroy is such. He turned out to be pure motion and mischief. I've been forced to take him for long walks daily, to go to the community park, and even the dog park. I've had to socialize with many dogs as well as dog lovers who find him interesting and cute. Weekly for eight weeks I took Leroy to obedience classes to teach him some manners. I watched countless reruns of the Dog Whisperer for clues on how I could best direct him. And gradually I've been the one learning and changing.

All actions have consequences and my actions have paid off. Though Leroy is yet to become a model dog, his presence in my life has stretched my boundaries. I've had to come out of my introverted comfort zone. It is undeniable that disguised as a dog whom I didn't necessarily want or ask for, life sent me the teacher I needed.

Leroy was valedictorian of his class.


  1. smiles. thankful for lifes teachers, in all shapes and sizes....and how true on giving us what we need and not just want...

  2. This is one fine dog. You sure have found some wisdom.

  3. My Sandie has been the utmost of challenges... teaching, guiding, stretching my limits as well. Now that Rudy has come along, at moments, I think he has become her teacher. Though I have tried long and hard on the obedience and trust, she is beginning to mimick his behaviors though she never did with the other dogs.

  4. He's gorgeous! I do think that dogs add such dimension to our lives. Their sweetness and unconditional love make up for all the work and effort we put into them! I'm glad you have Leroy and I'm glad he has you!

  5. He is cute and you will enjoy discovering new things through his eyes!

  6. This post brought a huge smile to me. Leroy looks so cute and innocent in that picture but I very well know that looks could be deceptive. I guess he came into your life for a purpose.

    Joy always,

  7. Hello Myrna.
    I hope you are well.

    This post had me smiling. Leroy is one cutie!
    As a former owner of 2 beautiful dogs, I can totally relate to this. You & Leroy have and will continue to learn from each other. Pets have a way of seeping into our hearts and giving us comfort when all else fails. I remain steadfast when I say to love is to live.

    A heartwarming post indeed.

    Myrna, I also want to thank you for always supporting my blog and your gracious and kind comments. It means a lot to me.

    Wishing you many wondrous days in life and love! :-)

  8. Dogs are spiritual gurus, I am sure. This guy is quite a character!

  9. You should be so proud of your Valedictorian!

  10. Love this. Excited my computer is letting me comment again :).

  11. Oh, how cute! Love him in his graduation cap! How wonderful that Leroy came into your life!

  12. what a cutie...angels come in all disguises I think:)