Tuesday, July 26, 2011


(Photobucket - ryansim 2025)

They glowed. Pride
embraced their passion for shine.
Displaying obsession's “fait accompli”
after hours of life's time, money and sweat -
poured into object's resuscitation.
Metal and motor, life inanimate renewed.
Undevoted to sacred truth, misused
body parts and minds fueling pleasure.
Dreams fulfilled with illusions, falsely
fixing beauty onto deadness of past times.
Useless goals...


Who dictates rights, imposing
limits on life's art, proclaiming values
that other's dreams discard, judging
infinite creativity, killing potential?

Not I. Diversity's my love, unfolding
combinations of universal energies
manifesting anew. Righteous,
nor superior am I, respectful
of inferiority, acknowledging all
attempts to show ability, even if
devoid of skill, functionality or even entertainment.
So lucky, I proclaim sincerity.
My mind, like the vastness of the sky,
openly remains... vacant.


There was a car show at the park the other day. I couldn't understand why/how people could devote so much effort into restoring old cars. I was astonished at my judgment and how much inner work I still have left to do. Am I really the progressive thinker I'd like to be? I realize I have no right to determine what should have value in other people's lives. Live and let live is a valuable motto.

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  1. sounds like you are growing!

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral


    > < } } ( ° >

  2. A makeover for an old car can be very satisfying. Vintage cars apparently fetched good money once done, a labour of love and passion. They glowed with pride, certainly. Beautiful poetry!


  3. Interesting how at the end of the poem you suggest that an open mind might be a vacant mind.

    It's possible to admire some aspects of an activity, while not respecting other aspects so much. There's aesthetics and craftsmanship in restoring an old car on the one hand, but on the other it's a lot of work to put into a gas-guzzler.

  4. it would be hard to be a judge and make those final decisions...i think your open mind is full of great things...and you dont ever need to suggest your poetry does not meet the bar...smiles.

  5. Yeah I also have no idea what people get out of it, but to each their own. You captured the moment well, nicely done!

  6. Always in the eye of the beholder... I too have difficulty understanding on the car show thing. Once a long time ago, my brother explained to me that he sees it as art, that if I could understand truly what collecting/creating art and poetry mean to me, then I could grasp what he sees in fixing up/restoring old cars. In doing so, there is a predetermined model to be based on, yet still there were little details where he could add his own touches... details most of us overlook.

  7. Myrna, I think most humans are wired that way. We judge, have prejudices and just cannot keep that to ourselves. Again, preferences and priorities also matter.

    Life still goes on.

    Joy always,

  8. reminds me of that cliche - "one man's trash is another's treasure" nice that you recognized your judgement and are trying to change it - hopefully you aren't like me and start judging yourself for judging :) the open mind being vacant is my favorite line. Enjoyed this, thanks, Myrna.

  9. Yea, I don't understand the car thing. love the poetry, though!

  10. Each to their own I guess.

    We all display prejudice of one sort or other...all comes from human imperfection in an imperfect world.

    I enjoyed this post.

    My entry is here:
    The Evening Wind

  11. "Diversity's my love, unfolding
    combinations of universal energies
    manifesting anew." me too!

  12. Car shows... never did understand them but again each one to their own... I am just amazed that you can create a poem around it

  13. We go to our local car show every year. The beauty of some these old babe's is amazing. There isn't anything out there that rivals that 67 Chevy! Beautiful. It is a lot of work and money though. Myrna, one man's trash is another man's treasure. And for some people, working on a car is a true labor of love. (Not me though.) Lovely poetry! You really are so fabulous in the ability to express yourself. I love it!

  14. Hello Myrna, I'm giving you an award. You may claim it here:
    I received an award!

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  15. Hi Myrna! I sent you a couple of e-mails today that I certainly hope you received! Please let me know!

  16. There is a pure energy in that pride!

  17. Diversity - yes - i embrace diversity and who are we to judge...even if we don't understand sometimes...
    i like your open mind myrna and i think an open mind is one of the best and important things in this world..

  18. About that growing.....You know, I have found car people to be the most gracious about letting me take pictures of their stuff. I think that joy and fun is infectious.

    Blogger is giving me a hard time with this comment. Sorry.


  19. "There was a car show at the park the other day. I couldn't understand why/how people could devote so much effort into restoring old cars." It's one of those things that you only appreciate when you're at the center of it all.

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  21. Hey Boyd, that sounds really cool. Can you please tell us more about your experience? It's one of my dreams to be a judge in a car show.

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