Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Life seems
Like a polluted river
I swim through the debris
The rocks and shards of glass
Other times
I come up
With only minor injuries
Thankful for small miracles
Conditional Survival
As I look ahead I see few
Placid pools
Swirls and foam, turbulence
The shores
The boundaries of this ordeal
Offer little enticement
As the rushing ride
Exhilarates and entices
The swim becomes a thrill
The dangers lost or forgotten
I’m sucked below and bruise
I rise above and breathe
And once again
Grin with gratitude
As I spy my companions
As I rush down river
To link arms with them

By J.L. Rosa

There was a time when I would jokingly take credit for things my friends had made, especially good, savory dishes. "I made that," I would say laughing. Sometimes I would fool people 'til the end of the party. Problem was, when I did make something good, no one believed me. They knew me as the incorrigible liar.

This afternoon my husband laughed when I told him I was going to take ownership of his poem. But, I can't even lie in jest about it. He wrote this. He's always been the poet in the family. I fell in love with him, long before I fell in love with poetry. And I'm so glad he's writing again.


(Submitted to One Shot Poetry)


  1. so cool myrna...two poets in the fam now...i'm thrilled...pass on my kudos to hubby ...and when are you writing the first poem together..?

  2. letting go of deception can be challenging when you are a magician like YOU!

    Aloha from Waikiki :)

    Comfort Spiral




  3. lovely verse...and i can relate to the analogy...i did some white water rafting once...and once through you have to ride the rapids to get out, too dangerous to get back in the boat and feet first always otherwise you might hit head first on a rock...delightfully done and i second claudias idea!

  4. your husband is a great poet.. i enjoyed this a lot.. wonderful imagery :)

  5. He done good! Thanks for your spirit of fun. And, heck, when you're really married, what's yours is mine, and all that! Very cool to have a partner who does his homework. Love it!

  6. That is such a beuatiful poem, so full of wisdom and poignant sentiments and you should encourage your husband to publish his work online.;))
    Hope all is well,

  7. Great poem, hubby. I think the river analogy is powerful. xoxo. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I feel connected!

  8. Great use of the river backdrop in the poem, really makes it flow, pun intended.

  9. Hello Myrna.
    Nice image for the poem.
    Your husband writes very well.

    Isn't it great to have two poets in the family?

    My wife isn't a poet, but she's just as involved with my poetry as I am. I call her my own executive director (smile).

    Thank you & your hubby for sharing such lovely words.

    Here's mine:

  10. What a beautiful pairing of husband and wife and the result, a well written piece. I like the analogy of after the difficulty the heart's contentment to find a fellow journeyman.

  11. What a wonderful WONDERFUL metaphor that was, Myrna.. Kudos to your hubby on such a beautiful poem... it simply flowed.. with such ease, that I flowed alongwith..
    Really liked this one a lot!

    What a poetic pair the two of you make!! How sweet is that!!!

  12. That was really spectacular. You both are wonderful with words. How lucky you are to have found each other!

  13. Wow this is soooooo beautiful! I met my husband's music before I met him....the sound of him playing the piano was floating down the hallway in the music building at college...and then when he stepped out for a break we saw each other for the first time. It is as though our soul's met before our bodies did.