Monday, June 13, 2011


I had to let you go baby girl.
My belly's protective comfort
painfully thrust you to life.
Deluded for a while,
I thought I knew best,
but always life had other plans.
My resistance served no purpose.
You wanted to leave, you had to.
Life enticed, lured and seduced you.
I clung on tight in ignorance thinking
I could be enough, my guidance enough.
But, you had other plans.
As it should be,
you embraced them.

Life so erratic, never still,
but always yours to steer.
Today I celebrate not just your life
but mine, enriched because you are.
Love's power - enormous.
Love so strong.
Love protective.
Love undemanding.
Love transformed me.

As it should be,
I let you go baby girl. Live.

I think one of the things our children teach us is to let go. That seems to be the major theme of parenthood. Today is my daughter's birthday. I am so grateful to have her and to continue to experience the lessons she brings (even as an adult).

Though I think I've let go, truth is, I'm still thoroughly connected to her - in a good way. Though love should have no conditions, I've always had at least one - that she be happy.


  1. so true myrna... i'm really not an overly protective mother and always led my children "on the long line" - challenging them to take over responsibilities and find their way...yet when they do it's not that easy to let daughter will be back from bolivia this week and i'm thankful and i think she has changed and it's good...let them spread their wings and fly...this is the meaning of the song i sang for her on my blog a few weeks ago...happy birthday to your daughter

  2. happy birthday to your daughter!!! i am not to the point of having to let my own go completely but i feel already the moments when they dont "need me"...and i often feel it with the kids i work with as i get emeshed in their lives for 3-6 months and then have to let them fly on their own. a tender write...

  3. Myrna -
    What a beautiful tribute to your daughter on her birthday. Your one condition is a perfect condition. I think it is brilliant. Lovely writing. Kristen

  4. I've only had pets, and letting go is not a part of that enterprise. Sometimes, it seems as though their lives are all too short, but other times, I resent being tied down by them, and I look forward to a day when I'm free. Then, it seems as if their lives just go on forever.

  5. My dear Myrna, this is beautiful.
    Please send my best wishes to your daughter for her special day!

    I am not a parent, but I remember how hard it was for my mom when I left her at age 17 to come to the a place thousands of miles away, my future unknown, but more importantly no longer under her care, guidance & keeping.

    Letting go is not an easy thing to do. Your daughter needs to start her own journey in life.

    You've given her the best we as kids/adults can ever hope for from our

    Thank you for sharing such a personal & heartfelt story.

  6. A hard and necessary lesson. Thank you.

  7. What a beautiful poem Myrna. You've given her roots and wings....Both of you are blessed.

    I hope your hand is better now. Take care.

    PS: You're my 'Blog of the Week' - check the sidebar on my blog.

  8. Heart wrenching and beautiful at the same time. You have captured the essence of being a mother. Lovely, Myrna!

  9. so beautiful Myrna...this letting go, trusting that they will be ok, are ok...such a challenge but inevitable. My girls are still teens, but the separation is happening...the moon tide pulling them into their own paths. And yet, while we knew all along from the moment of birth this would happen...there is an invisible spiritual umbilical cord that never fully releases. They will always be our children, even as adults.

  10. Thank you, Mom. I love you.

  11. This was beuatiful...
    Unfortunately I will never have children of my own, but I can imagine that the greatest love of all is in letting them live their lives.
    Happy "belated" birthday to your girl,

  12. Those parents who let go at the right time are the wise ones.