Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We learned the jig.
What else could we do?
We muffled our chuckles
as penguins like humans
kicked up their feet
to show little leprechauns
how to follow the beat
of strange pipes that blew
sounds of river's dance,
as lucky pots of gold,
parades of rainbows,
triad leaves of green
shaped our futures with good luck.

What else could we do
but graciously honor
the wealth of good heritage
they aimed to display?
We learned the jig
in a crazy old way
to show them our thanks
for their work so sincere
though we knew to their rules
we'd not fully adhere.
Still, we were happy to dance
their wishes accomplish
For on that day we knew
we would all be Irish."

I attended Catholic grammar school, where the good nuns (who looked like penguins in their black and white habits and were predominantly Irish), tried often in vain, to teach us the Irish jig.

"May you have warm words on a cold evening,
a full moon on a dark night,
and the road downhill all the way to your door."
Irish Blessing

(Submitted to One Stop Poetry. You can read some wonderful poetry there.)


  1. ha. i'd like to learn the jig...just dont hold me too tight to the rules either...smiles.

  2. I have this image of you doing the jig while writing or typing this poem and having a blast!

  3. Even I find that nuns look like penguins in their habit. You must have had a 'proper' schooling. Nuns are said to be quite strict and perfect in their education imparting methods.

    As for teh jig, it all depends on the mood and speed. We all our own rhythms and pace.

    Joy always,

  4. Beautiful! And so sentimental to me, who loves everything Irish as once I had a very strong connection to that country.;)

  5. a rare perspective,
    true and sad somehow..

    well done.
    Happy Wednesday.

  6. Oh, I love this Myrna! I was taught by nuns too and love the image of them doing the Irish jig, with all the kids awkwardly capering about. Good one!

  7. i have no idea how the irish jig works - but if i should ever meet you, you have to teach me..smiles

  8. Dear Myrna

    Interesting .. I enjoyed it very much. I love to dance and I could relate to this very much... thanks for sharing...

    ॐ शांति ॐ
    Om Shanti Om
    May peace be... pray for People of Japan
    Connect me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay

  9. Love it the day we would all be Irish...yes, on St Patty's Day...we are all Irish having the chance to join in its joyous dance...bkm

  10. Well done fun, festive write. I enjoyed it.

  11. Just dance! That is the message, I think. Life is beautiful.

  12. So much fun, especially the lines:

    "We learned the jig
    in a crazy old way"

    Your bit of explanation at the end brought it to life.

  13. This was fun, Myrna.. and very sweet... I totally enjoy dancing, and would LOVE to try their jig too... some day perhaps :).. if the rules aren't too many :)

    Enjoyed this rhythmic fun poem!!

  14. I really enjoyed the rhythm of this lovely reflection on the jig. Fun to read.