Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Silence mocking her, hides
while raising the volume
of her lover's even paced, deafening breaths
until nothing else exists
in the darkness.
His paralized body in slumber lays
beside her envy and desolation.

Tired of noticing countless discomforts,
her body settles into her mind
to confront and explore inner monsters
competing for importance and time.

Living room curtains need replacing,

God, are you really all-prevailing?

What's the big deal to sailing?

Wonder what my friend is painting.

So many wars and crime we're facing.

Why does Rita think she's amazing?

Maybe tomorrow I'll do some stargazing.

Mysteriously, like soothing warm milk, solutions
abound. World's problems solved... (except
that maybe shutters may be best).
Silent darkness filters in.
Momentary peace dwells
in nothing
for ten minutes before
that unwelcome, sinister, timely ring.

(Submitted to One Shot Poetry where poets and artists meet. Visit the site for some great reading.)


  1. I love the way the mind jumps from one idea to the next. :)

  2. so familiar Myrna...the stories are different, but their invasive, mind tangling nature is the same...as is the breath of release and coming back to center...before the next alarm (whether the clock on the bedside table or the anxieties that arise) disturbs our peace.

  3. Heheh... I relate to this ;-) I love the structure- nicely conveys the situation and the train of thought.

  4. ugh...i been there...why is it my mind comes alive when my head hits the pillow...those are a great 10 minutes though...and all the solutions i forget them by the alarm...smiles.

  5. Good images, flow, mood, all that. Effective.

  6. Oh boy can I relate to this. He snores and slumbers and I am wound up and thinking, thinking, thinking. Love the questions that you ponder.

  7. "Momentary peace dwells
    in nothing"

    Great lines and unexpected based on what preceded it, which to me made its impact even greater. Nice work

  8. you find the poetry in daily life!

    Aloha from Hawaii

    Comfort Spiral



  9. well done and yes we all seek peace, but then morning comes and the world remains and invites back into our live...nice one shot...bkm

  10. I can so relate to these sentiments, the stillness of the night brings on insomnia and unsettling thoughts that are born out of the ebony darkness.
    And there is nothing more welcoming than dawn to disperse these thoughts.
    Lovely and poignant writing.;)

  11. Just beautiful! Still, I think the alarm clock is the most devil inspired creation of all!

  12. Ohh.. I feel this one, Myrna... REALLY beautifully written!
    Those night hours, when sleep refuses to touch your eyes.. those minutes of wondering so many different things... that slow settling of the eyelids... only to be woken with a JOLT!!
    Thankfully for me, alarm clocks are no match for my sleep (when i do indeed fall asleep :)

    Loved this poem!!

  13. Dear Myrna

    I enjoyed your lines so much.. and specially this ....
    'Tired of noticing countless discomforts,
    her body settles into her mind'
    good one.. I could feel it all..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    At Twitter @VerseEveryDay