Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mini Crisis

"I was calling to see if Ron and I could go over tomorrow. I want to bring my sister-in-law too. Will that be okay?" said Mary. She's loves visiting me. I am grateful to have many friends like her, who enjoy coming to my house for the company and the serenity of my home setting. When friends visit it's an opportunity for me to relax and enjoy some quality time.

But not this time. I declined politely as I tried to convey the severity of the mini crisis I was living. All of life's events are open to our interpretation and I realize that for many my so called mini-crisis was nothing but a minor upset in routine. I wasn't able to blog, to meditate, to do the things that bring me some peace.

My daughter had some health problems and it was difficult for her husband to help with the care of their one year old son. So, she came to my house where I could care for him. They were here for a little more than a week.

I learned some things. What they now call child proofing your house, is another term for making it look like it underwent a fashion revolution in another planet. Most decorations had to be removed and replaced by an array of all sizes of toys, which were dispersed all over the floor. A one year old has endless energy. By the time he went to bed, I was exhausted. I wondered how mothers handle more than one child at a time. I send them many blessings.

Though I was tired, I have to admit I had a lot of fun. Ian, like most toddlers, is full of curiosity, joy, humor and laughter. He triggered a wonderful playfulness in me. I love him so much and I wish he lived closer, so I could see him more often and get more accustomed to caring for him.

Caring for the baby had its challenges, but what was more difficult was dealing with the ladies (mother and mother-in-law). Mother-in-law did not respond well to sharing attention with a baby. At one point she refused to get out of bed and decided she was going to die. Mother became a little more confused at times and needed more supervision with her daily needs. Every day presented a little aspect of surprise. My husband was helpful, especially with the cooking. However, he needed some support himself because he was extremely nervous about his upcoming knee replacement surgery.

My daughter and grandson have left (to return again after she undergoes surgery), my husband is in the hospital recovering and will come home in a few days. But for now the house is quiet and I am able to reconnect with you my friends. I look forward to visiting your blogs again.

My lack of drawing skills

does not do him justice.

He is much, much cuter.

(I assure you I am

totally unbiased.)


  1. oh i think you did a great job with the drawing...and i know all too well how they will wear you my boys do the same...smiled at the childproofing as well...glad your mini crisis is over...

  2. Wow you have had your hands full. I wish you peace my friend and hope for your returned serenity. Your drawing is wonderful, I love the t-shirt.

  3. sounds like plenty of upheaval to me...and you masterfully cared for all of your beloveds (and no one even died for lack of attention or was seriously injured by an electrical socket and fork) Well done! And welcome back;0

  4. Oh, this brings back memories of when my sister visited my parents with her two toddlers a few years back, when they still lived in Sweden.;) They lovely house with beautiful things in it turned into exactly what you describe here.;)
    As much as they disliked that of course they also enjoyed the presence of their grand kids.
    I think your drawing is cute.;)
    Hope you will soon be getting back to your routines - I have missed your posts.;)

  5. I salute you for your patience and dedication! what challenging week you've had! Kids are great but also a handful. Enjoy your quiet time and thanks for sharing!

  6. Myrna:

    Seems like a long time. I liked the drawing. Sometimes the disruption in routine causes a mild tension.

    Be rested and take good care.

    Joy always,

  7. when my daughter's first child was born, I had never been so thrilled in my life. I spent every moment I could with him. My daughter and her husband and the baby would come for an overnight visit and stay for a week. It was fine because having the baby (Cyrus, now 18) around was the most fun I've ever had. But my husband and I began calling my daughter and her husband "The Things That Wouldn't Leave". Awful, I know. But it was so nice to just get our lives back and our house back! Love to see them come, love to see them go. (But leave the baby with me.)

  8. How good of you to be a gracious host and provide so much fun. Your portrait of the grandson is endearing.

  9. Wow not only are you a wonderful mother, daughter, wife you also write poetry and beautifully and on top of that you draw!
    What other talent lies beneath?

  10. "At one point she refused to get out of bed and decided she was going to die."

    Boy does that ever remind me of my father when he got old and EVEN MORE NEUROTIC (to put it kindly) than he had always been. Sounds like some tough times there.

  11. I think it's good to take a break sometimes from the digital world of blogging, tweeting, facebooking, etc.. if if it's forced upon us.

    It sounds like you have had your hands full but you have been there for your family and I know they appreciate it. I hope everyone pulls through their health challenges. Take care of yourself as well Myrna! And your drawing of Ian is precious!

  12. He looks pretty darn cute to me in that picture. I love that you drew him

    Glad you took the time before returning to routine, you needed it, kids certainly are exhausting in the most wonderful way.

  13. glad you are back in blogland...sounds like quite an exhausting and adventurous time you had..i need to have my house teenager proof...smiles
    and i like the drawing of Ian - he's cute!

  14. Enjoy the peace! This post reminds me of the hell I put my parents through when my daughter was small and--so I believed--fragile as an egg. And the in-laws. I ran mine out of town. It was the beginning of a good end.

    Be well, good lady.

  15. sending healing thoughts your way & hoping you get some time for you:)

  16. We are with you, Friend!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral