Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Slowly you infuse
opaque mortal fumes.
Choking, lethal,
forceful obscurity,
obstinate snuff.

Feeding illusive lies.
Within darkest inlets
of mind's floating slush,
you dwell

Kill you? I must!
With passionate violence,
roaring rage,
boiling crimson blood,
exterminating, annihilating -
I create.

Cleansed, air I finally breathe.
Conquering warrior pacified
with enemy slain.
Courageously I proceed
knowing your power -

Submitted to One Shot Poetry.


  1. I think your poem and mine would sit nicely together.

    Love the sucked dry feeling in this poem. it's sad but life has those moments. Your expression is nicely penned

    Thanks for sharing with One Shot


  2. Wow!!! I see jubilation here! There is nothing like overpowering and conquering that negative dark feeling inside, and coming out VICTORIOUS!!
    Beautiful poem on coming back to life... Bravo!!!

  3. MDW was right. we are on the same track.

  4. wow. you take us through a full range of emotion on this one myrna...great piece...

  5. Great writing Myrna, intriguing and intense! Enjoyed the ride here :)

  6. Wow, this was very powerful. I could feel the strong wave of emotions through each line...
    You ave such a talent.

  7. Such intensity Myrna! You really take us into that warrior conquers all mind space. I find though that befriending fear, standing in front of it, sitting down with it, watching it is a pretty effective way to soften it's power...and less messy:)

  8. "resuscitation" should be the word for the year 2011!

    The picture sure is a fitting one to your post. Myrna, I love the way you are focusing on details and intense emotional sensibilities. You are a delight that is unfolding with each new post.

    Joy always,

  9. Fear can also be an addiction... some people never shake it. Nice One Shot, Myrna!

  10. Conquering your demons is the best thing you can do. Wonderful poem, Myrna!

  11. Gee the picture is something, and the poem nice work

  12. Fear - something that needs discarding ...well done...bkm

  13. Myrna you are a very talented poet - look forward to all that you offer us in 2011!

  14. Just thinking of the power I have to revive my old fears and how I choose not to. It is an active choice. I have not moved away from them. They still have the power to harm.

    Thank you for this poem.

  15. Letting go of fear and replacing it with love is one of the most powerful things we can do. But easier said than done, I know! Excellent poem Myrna. You are such a talented lady.

  16. this was like a thunderstorm of emotions myrna - wow - and a scary pic you chose...

  17. Wow Myrna that was terrific. I love the power and courage in your words. Also, thank you so much for your dear heart. You are a blessing to me, everytime I read your comments I feel like you are giving me a hug. I just want you to know I am giving you one right back! :)Kristen

  18. Back to say thank you and good night. Thank you for your visits.

    I am sorry for all the blog posts that came your way. I merged my blogs, and the process was messy, apparently. I am sorry.